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What do we have on Magento multi vendor theme package?

magento multi vendor theme

Building a marketplace is always difficult and complicated task but have you ever asked how can you make it become easier? The answer is Magento multi vendor theme package of Netbase team. In this article, I will tell you the reason why I affirm it is the ideal open source solutions for smart business owners. Here we go. There are …

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Why Magento multi vendor is better than Ecommerce stores?

Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace

Recently, multi vendor website has become an actually hot trend and it is preferred widely by all businessmen.  The reason for this diversion of the economy is in the benefits of multi vendor model brings to users in comparison to e-commerce store model, lower risk but higher return. Besides profits from selling products, multi vendor operators have another source of …

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Magento theme club with two amazing Magento packages

Magento theme club

The club is the community that brings together people with a shared interest. In our life, we meet a lot of clubs like social clubs, service clubs, sports and recreation clubs. Magento theme club is also built for that purpose because we believe that we share to get more! So, in this article, I will compare two packages available on …

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Magento Amazon vendor with Responsive Magento Admin theme

Magento Amazon vendor

Besides Magento Mega menu extension and Advanced Magento Multivendor, there is one extension that makes Magento Amazon vendor theme become one of the most wonderful theme for sale website and it is Responsive Magento admin theme. You had known about how Magento Multivendor supports Magento Amazon vendor in article Magento Amazon vendor with Advanced Magento Multivendor, so in this article, …

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Evaluating between Magento and BigCommerce


We had discussed and compared a lot between Magento 2 and WordPress, Top 6 e-commerce platforms with examples or WordPress and Shopify before but recently, I received a lot of questions from my customers, they asked my opinions about hosted solutions and open source eCommerce platforms, I mean in this case is Magento and Big Commerce. At first, I can …

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All about Responsive Magento 3D Printing theme on Cmsmart

Magento 3D printing theme

In recent years, 3D printing is not a strange concept in printing community.therefore if you are providing 3D printing solution, you have to make it different from your strong competitors. Every industry speaks its own language and 3d printing also has unique characteristics,it makes a huge difference with normal printing. Follow our statistic, 3D printing almost service for young customers …

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All interesting and special facts about Magento themes

Magento themes

Magento is the most favorite ecommerce platform all over the world due to  its store themes and templates with feature-rich solutions for the stores. It provides users full rights to control over the content, appearance as well as the usability of the stores. Magento themes are well-known thanks to simple user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the platform. …

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8 criteria to simplify Magento Themes Selection Process

Magento themes

There is undeniable fact that among a lot of ecommerce platforms available on the market, Magento seems to be the most popular, or in other words, Magento is the king with the market share of nearly 20% of total because this platform comes with some great functionalities and variety of unique and exciting features. To create an effective ecommerce store, …

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Why people refuse to innovate technology?


Do you think that making changes is the easy task? Have you ever changed anything in your life without any consideration? Of course, there will be people who say yes, but we are sure that a lot of people will say no. Why? Because not all people are risk taker and in our life, the theory higher risk, higher return …

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Comparing pre-designed themes or custom web design


In this article, we will give you a checklist for you to look back whether you should choose theme or custom web design Customer prefers it to be actually quick The competition in market is rising at dramatic pace, as the result web owners are also in a hurry too, because at this moment, who can hold and control the …

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Starting first Ecommerce store easily with 6 basic steps


Some people complain that starting a new store, especially a online store is so complicated, too much things to care for, like a nightmare. Of courses, it is the first step that costs, but you can make that process easier if you know about 6 basic steps to start first Ecommerce store mentioned in this article: Step 1 : Owning …

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Why Your Ecommerce Store Still Lose Money?


Nothing is perfect! In business, it’s definitely right. Whether your business is big or small, successful or not, you’re still losing money everyday. However, the importance is you have to spot the problems of your business and fix it, it will help you to minimize losses. This article will bring to you some common problems that often occur with ecommerce website. Poor conversion rates …

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Owning a Mobile-friendly website, Why and How?


If we compare the world population and the number of active mobile devices all over the world, you think what will be larger? What will be the winner? The answer revealed in recent study is the number of active mobile devices, surprised? It can be said that no technology devices can affect our life as strongly as mobile. From the …

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Five Actionable Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Conversions


Conversion rates – this is an important parameter of all ecommerce stores. In fact, the average online shopping abandonment rate is 69%. It means that 69% of visitors leaving your site without any purchases. How to improve the conversion rates is the common question of every retailer, so this article will give you five actionable tips that can help you …

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