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Convergence Web Design – Why we use?

Nowadays, websites launches cannot surprise netizens and others, this fact seem to be pretty heartbreaking but it is the truth. We went through the first period full of excitement, it has been 15 years and people are familiar with websites. However, the other main reason is that web design has been converging due to the mobile trend, cultural conventions and crowd effect (customers will follow the majority when making decisions). So, convergence on what?


In 2015, from the point of view of Dave Ellis, a designer from Leeds, when he wrote a brief post on website convergence, he supposed that the design is self-perpetuating; it’s achieved a sort-of critical mass.


Dave indicated that themes (mostly WordPress) play an actually important role and that creating a site is not too complicated and difficult. Besides that, applying big font for mobile version will bring great effect. You know why? Because these sites can have many white space and icons, assets from the business also are not required much. In case you are operating a website with a notable lack of detailed information, three column design is an ideal suggestions you should consider.

Convergence is good or bad?

Nothing is perfect, although imagination perpetuating this style of design is limited; users realize it makes the process of navigating websites easier and easier. It can be seen clearly in Dave’s design, the scrolling page and the hero image with overlaid type and ghost button are the two features that can be found beyond one-page startup sites.

To be more obvious, you can compare the three examples of Lush, The Prince Ink Company and Trunk Club. Lush appears more professional and complicated than two others because it is fully functioning ecommerce site from a far bigger business. While Lush only takes the hero image and text overlay, both The Prince Ink Company and Trunk Club decide to apply the three column layout; therefore, Lush can make them be unique with a bold and easy-to-use drop-down header menu. Besides, Lush uses style atop substance with the belief that bold message and image suit fresh, sustainable and young image of the brand best.

Trunk Club…

The Prince Ink Company


How should businesses be noticeable?

Dave strongly encouraged design agencies in particular as what they did in the past with flash because he supposed that higher risk means higher returns. However, there are some doubts, such as a commenter on Hacker News, he/ she wondered if users were actually satisfied when using the novel flash sites that ‘never looked the same’

In 2016, websites are anticipated to advance more, not just stand at ease-of-use; they should enrich the content by including grand photography, video and interactivity

When designing convergence, it is found brands more and architecture less. So, it is the thing that marketers want? It’s totally up to you

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