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What are killing your conversion rate and sale volume?

What are killing your conversion rate and sale volume

Anyone can also pride that they are great designer, our creativity is unlimited. But, wait a moment, have you ever checked your website and wonder why your conversion rate has been still low? I think that in that case, you might cope with some problems, although they are quite small and simple, they will affect a lot on your web performance. This article will give you a list of them.

  1. Put Call To Action button below the page fold

With first time customers, the impact of the page fold is so important. The first time visitors will be quick to scan and judge your website (usually in 5 seconds). If you place the important information below the page fold, the chance for the first time visitors to see it will be lower. One simple tip for e-commerce sites is to make sure you repeat your checkout button in your shopping cart above the fold too.

  1. Underestimate or even ignore the impacts of distractions

Promotion banner or pop-up seems to make your site cool but have you ever thought that it will prevent your customers to see the more important content? Adding too many competing images or promotions can distract your visitor away from your most important button. You can check on Google Analytics to find out what your visitors are looking at on your web pages. Therefore, you can achieve the very objective view in terms of what to move on your pages to improve eye flow.

  1. Be cooler is prioritized than be useful.

The wonderful things designers bring to our world are unique, creative and news trends of designs. However, if you are trying to be unique and break all rules, sometimes, it might cause the opposite impact and finally, your visitors will be confused and leave your website prematurely. That’s a nightmare!

How can you avoid it? Let’s use website testing tool to test your new changes and stand and think at the position of a users to find out what your visitors think of them, and how they engage.

  1. Not testing with all browsers

We do not have just one web browser, we have Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. How it would be if you just focus on one browser and with others ones, websites don’t function correctly or look bad. You should pay attention to even slight variations or issues in one browser version because it will influence your conversion rate. Therefore, never leaving any browsers, take care of all of them. That’s also the reason why all products on Cmsmart Marketplace were developed with Cross-browsers.

  1. Variations that don’t vary enough

That’s so great if you are in customers’ position to test your new website variations. You should make sure you create test variations that are sufficiently different. If you only make subtle changes, like slight tweaks in color or style, your visitors probably won’t notice the difference, and therefore probably won’t convert any different, consequently your conversion rates won’t increase much. Then, you can do follow-up testing on the winning version to increase conversion rates further.

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