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Magento Theme V-Admin

magento theme v-admin

Installation Instructions

1. Disable Compilation
Log into the Magento Admin Panel and go to System, Tools, Compilation. Then, disable the compilation, this will let you run the compilation process again.

2. Install the V-Admin Extension, via Magento Connect 
First, get the extension key from magento connect
Then, go to System, Magento Connect, Magento Connect Manager and use your admin account to login again.
Once you are logged in, paste the extension key in the field named “Paste extension key to install”, then click Install.
After installation, click the Proceed button and the V-Admin extension will be installed automatically.

3. Clear Cache
Go to System, Cache Management. Then clear the stored cache.

4. Re-login
After clearing the cache, logout and then log back into the Magento Admin Panel. After this step V-Admin will be successfully installed and ready for configuration.

Configure your store
To complete the process, you will need to configure your store.

1. Go to System, Configuration. Then, from the left sideboard, click V-Admin theme under VNECOMS section.
2. Then, expand the General section.
3. Set the Enable V-Admin Theme field to “Yes”.

Congratulations! After completing this last step, you will see your admin cpanel theme is changed to V-Admin theme.

Download: http://bloorum.com/threads/magento-theme-v-admin.1621/

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