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Starting first Ecommerce store easily with 6 basic steps


Some people complain that starting a new store, especially a online store is so complicated, too much things to care for, like a nightmare. Of courses, it is the first step that costs, but you can make that process easier if you know about 6 basic steps to start first Ecommerce store mentioned in this article:

Step 1 : Owning a website

Website is the platform to sell your products. With online business owners, website is the place where customers approach their products and services, interact to build relationship. So, the easier for people to search your site, the more sale revenue you can achieve. In case you are not a professional programmer or do not have much knowledge about information technology, that’s ok, there are a lot of services out there for you to deal with this task. You can refer some options such as: Shopify, Square Space or Big Cartel, they all have easily-integrated payment systems. All you need is just choosing one of them, having a Paypal account to receive payments.

If you already have one or more websites, let’s skip this step and come to number 2.

Step 2: Buying a domain name

In short, domain is your website’s address, people will type this name to find you. For example, when you search our site on Google, you will type magentothemefree.net. It will be the great idea if you own a special domain name ( you can purchase licensing for it at different places). The reason why we affirm that right name will contribute a huge part in the success of your business is that a suitable name can make people easy to remember but can describe some aspects of your business just in a name. And, never forget give your site’s new name time to sink in, time will let you know whether it is right for you.

Step 3: You need product to sell

After 2 steps mentioned above, to gain real cash, you need products, it will convert your effort into money. What you sell is totally up to you, but keep in mind that  creating something that is so great that you also desire to buy it. In other words, you product should contain value, when customers receive value, you also receive some value back for them, give and take, right?

If you are working in printing industry related to items such as poster, mugs, T-shirt or Canvas, you can consider some Magento Templates listed below to support your business:

Magento Responsive Mugs Printing Website Theme


Magento Responsive Canvas & Wall Art Printing Website Theme


Magento Responsive T-shirt Printing Website Theme


Step 4: All things related to payment: pricing, profit, payment systems

Functional payment processor will allow you to receive income. Almost  website building platforms integrate payment processors into your site but you also need to separately sign up to each payment processor.

It totally depends on your strategies, you can set higher price to gain higher profit margin or lower price to take advantages of competitive price. However, from the point of view of financial expert, it will be the best if you strive to reach a 15% profit margin.

Step 5: Displaying products on your site

We recommend that you should find theme that is suitable to your business and decorate your site by yourself, arrange products in unique looking. Never try to imitate anyone else. Let’s make customers remember you because of your own characteristic.

You can refer some extensions can support for trading process on your site:

Responsive Magento One Step Checkout Extension


Step 6: Getting people buy your products

 After all preparing steps, you will be successful with your online store if you can persuade visitors to buy your products, convert them into customers. It depends a lot on your advertising strategies. You may start by sharing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Just by a simple status or image updated, your product can approach netizen all over the world. Its power even far exceed the expensive advertising strategies.



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