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Premium Magento themes: Responsive T-shirt Printing Website

Magento themes

If you are a T-shirt business owner, what would you do to attract more customers? You have to know there are a thousand T-shirt shops on any street in the world so what is the thing that changes customer mind to let them looking to you? It must be the uniqueness that makes them different with others. That was exactly …

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All about Responsive Magento 3D Printing theme on Cmsmart

Magento 3D printing theme

In recent years, 3D printing is not a strange concept in printing community.therefore if you are providing 3D printing solution, you have to make it different from your strong competitors. Every industry speaks its own language and 3d printing also has unique characteristics,it makes a huge difference with normal printing. Follow our statistic, 3D printing almost service for young customers …

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All interesting and special facts about Magento themes

Magento themes

Magento is the most favorite ecommerce platform all over the world due to  its store themes and templates with feature-rich solutions for the stores. It provides users full rights to control over the content, appearance as well as the usability of the stores. Magento themes are well-known thanks to simple user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the platform. …

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Amazing benefits from Magento Mobile Theme

Magento Mobile theme

Nowadays, shopping online is more popular and brings large sale volume for shop owner.  Anywhere with accessing internet, we can choose suitable products. We don’t need go out and spend a lot of time to find items as you like. Furthermore, there are a lot of devices to help you shopping conveniently such as computer, laptop, iPad… Especially mobile phone …

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Magento for Ecommerce Website – Why we choose?


Magento (an opensource) is a popular ecommerce platform based on PHP. Magento provides many robust features and it allows store owners can manage the content, appearance, and functionality of their e-commerce store. Moreover, Magento comes with a flawless administration interface that involves an effective marketing, optimized for SEO and owns powerful inventory management tools. It also provides a potent combination of extremely …

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Basic Steps to on-page SEO for Magento Website


This article will show you the basic steps to optimizing SEO for Magento website. 1/ Install the Latest Version of Magento Installing the latest Magento version is the first step that you need to do to optimizing SEO for Magento site. The latest version will bring the security updates, bug fixes and SEO improvements. Read more: Magento 2 released! Ready to …

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Convert Magento Site to Mobile-friendly & Optimize Conversion Rate


Do you know why April 21, 2015 is called “Judgment Day”? It is considered as the major landmark in searching technology when algorithms will change the display order of search results for users on phones and tablets. This update of tech-giant Google will give priority to mobile-friendly sites and less friendly sites will be pushed down. If you are running …

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What You Shoud DO And DON’T With Your Magento Themes


With Magento, using Magento themes will help you have a beautiful website interface without the need of design a new interface for your website. It will save for you a lot of time and effort to create a new website design. In the marketplace, have a lot of Magento themes which designed for multiple purposes and for different types of …

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Choosing Magento Theme: Easy or Not?


With a Magento website, using Magento theme is a solution that helps website owners can save a lot of time and cost to design the interface for their site. On the marketplace, there are plenty of themes for Magento has been released. This gives you more choice, but it also can make you more difficult to find an appropriate theme …

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The Powerful Magento Admin Theme


For every store, the management is always one of the most important things. Store owners need to manage lots of information like customer information, product information and information of orders, etc… with an online store; this becomes more important when all the information is stored on the computer and internet. When the numbers of information are increase day by day, …

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Magento Mobile Theme: A perfect solution for Magento store


Right today, the smartphone is a device that is very familiar to everyone. Because of the popularity of mobile devices, so people are changing a lot of habits. Nowaday, we use smartphones for many different needs of life. With a mobile device, we can make a call, entertainment, surfing internet or even we can shopping online right on a smartphone, …

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10+ Best Responsive Magento Themes for Cosmetic Store


If you’re doing online business relating to beauty or cosmetic product, these beauty store responsive magento themes will be a great starting point. In the article, I will introduce to beauty and Cosmetic, fully responsive magento themes. With a very sleek and simple design, these Magento Themes will perfectly fit for Cosmetic, beauty stores. Built in great color combination (Violet, …

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Download Free Magento Responsive Theme 2015 Very Nice and Clean


Business Model all over the world has changed dramatically along with occurrence of Ecommerce and a lot of countries have contributed to its development. Trading through websites is the most significant clue for this situation. In the case when trading websites mushroom like that, how can buyers attract their targeted customers? The answer is so simple, getting their attention at …

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Responsive Magento Jewelry Theme


When fashion industry and related sectors grow dramatically day by day, that a huge amount of shops providing this luxury products appear makes customer bargaining power becomes stronger and stronger. So, how can you overcome it? You wonder how can you attract more potential customers and defeat your rivals? Magento Responsive Jewelry Theme can help you deal with your problems. …

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