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4 Serious common mistake when designing the website in 2017

4 Serious common mistake when designing website in 2017

Do you know until now how many websites have been available on the Internet? It is uncountable, tons of website and there are hundreds or even thousands one are created more by day. Among such crowd of community, one question appears that is what are the elements of a great website?

Building a website, nowadays, it is not difficult and complex but the challenge lies in making it usable. You create a website for your customers, not just for you. You can offer them creativity but should never forget practicality and usability. In this article, I will emphasize the main blunders of designing the website in 2017, hope you find it helpful:

Where’s the Search box?

Basically, the web is the place where store your information, I mean even that is a website or just a simple blog, a search box is still essential. Why? Not all information is shown on the homepage so the search box will help visitors find what they want in the shortest time.

Poor Readability & Legibility.

When visitors glance at your site, awesome interface design might grab the users’ attention but if they look more and read the text to be able to grasp the information they desire, if your site comes with the bizarre font styles and sizes, it will hurt your visitors’ eyes.

Suggestion: let’s make several drafts to compare the color schemes, which one will make your site readable most.

Unorganized Content Layout.

The mess will not prove that your site is unique and creative. Content, now, is the king and it will the main factors driving traffic for your website. The habit of customers with content is never reading unless absolutely necessary, they scan through information and pick out points of interest on a web page. It will be a great idea if you put the important news into a block of text on the web page, a kind of highlighting.

Avoiding mistakes like putting inaccurate, inaccessible, insignificant or out-of-date content as far as possible. The most important requirement for content just coincides with the overall theme of the website and be useful.

Suggestions: Organizing content on your website by using HTML and CSS. Moreover, content should be updated frequently and be consistent. The update will spot and correct past mistakes.

Bad Navigation.

Just one word for your web navigation: seamless. It is quite hard to say which should be the standard for navigation within a website, it is imperative to understand that navigation must be intuitive and consistent. In case you use text as navigation, make it concise. Visual metaphors should not be re-invented. If hyperlinks are used, then they should stand out from the body of the text.


  • You can make your navigation smoothly by using textual descriptions for all links and alt text for all images. Instead of using Flash or Javascript links, alternative text description will be more highly recommended.
  • Organizing and structuring your navigation in tandem with the theme of the website. You will find it be more efficiency and clarity.

Overall, do you remember the rule K.I.S.S. keep it simple, stupid? If it simple, it will be easy to use, Do your homework and it comes easily and naturally. If you have any experience or want to dedicate anything about this topic, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the bottom of the page.

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