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5 actionable tips for better mobile visitors engagement

5 actionable tips for better mobile visitors engagement

From just the number of 1.5 billion (approximately 22 % of the world’s population) owned smartphones, it is predicted at the end of 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones. This data is the most convincing evidence for the increasing popularity of mobile visitors. They tend to release higher rates of engagement than desktop users. With both small and big companies, the media contributions from mobile visitors are actually considerable with their sale revenue; therefore, the best way to maximize your site’s traffic is pushing mobile engagement. Here are the five feasible ways to make your sites not only mobile-friendly but also encourage engaging mobile users:

1. Making the Comments Section become more accessible

Comments from mobile users can greatly improve the existing content. In most of the cases, it also brings the SEO value for the page as well. There is a common mistake with many sites is that they put comment sections too far “below the fold”. The users may waste time to scroll down before seeing the comment section. As a result, the comments may be overlooked. The suggested solution is designing this section right below the content and using a call to action to encourage visitors leaving their comments.

2. Giving visitors a great app to download and using push notifications

The best way to encourage visitors to interact or performing the desired action is to make them feel really interested in a useful mobile app that shows effectively your brand. Just when they install it, you can follow and send a direct notification in the notification bar at the top of their screen. This step is a great opportunity to retarget and reach your mobile audience on an ongoing basis.

3. Taking advantage of higher Email open rates on Mobile devices

A marketing study indicates that users tend to open and read email on the mobile phone rather than on their laptop or computer. The reason is in the convenience of mobile devices. Incoming emails popup as notifications as soon as they come to the mobile user’s inbox. From that fact, a recommendation is using popup windows and opt-in forms to attract mobile visitors to put their email address in exchange whenever they access to any specific content.

4. Staying Active on all the Popular Social Sites and Applications

Nowadays, most mobile activities relate closely to social networking activity, each user usually has an account on the popular social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Why don’t you taking advantage of “Like” and “Share” function to integrate your blog with all of the major social networks and bookmarking sites? You should pay more attention to them by frequently sharing, updating and posting, adding more friends and followers with some interesting news like promotions, raffles, and giveaways.

5. Building a mobile-friendly site by Responsive design

Last but not least, all your effort will become meaningless if your sites are not integrated responsive. Make sure every page on your site is shown in a mobile-friendly manner across a broad range of display sizes and browser setups. Responsive is a technique to keep your sites to be looked good on any type of device.

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