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5 hacks to optimize Magento website’s sale revenue

Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that can address your business needs in a real-time environment. However, it doesn’t mean that when you use a Magento theme to build a website, it will be immediately perfect. There are still some aspects you need to optimize and this article will provide you 5 useful hacks to optimize Magento website’s sale revenue:

1. Participate in social channels

Over the last decade, we can observe how quickly social media has been building its own empire among people. Facebook or Instagram is the most typical example of how social media can do a great job in terms of influence, purchase decision, comparison and others. According to the report of Smart insights, until Jan 2018, the sales revenue earned from social media users was 3.196 billion, increased 4 % year-on-year.

So, this figure might be the most evident of why we need to integrate the Magento social login extension to a web store. Besides promoting your brand, it will allow you to approach a higher volume of the audience that is more likely to purchase from you.

2. Put more effort on conversion rate optimization

Earning money from customers is not the only aspect of conversion rate, you can layer different levels of conversion rate into desired actions such as purchasing from you, subscribing newsletter, filling out the form or any other.

Conversion rate optimization cannot be carried out just in a day, it is a process of the ongoing practice of experiments and optimizing various aspects. Don’t make all changes once, you won’t find out where are your mistakes. Conducting A/B testing for the same is also an effective and evidence-based approach while finding out the best suitable solution for increasing conversions.

3. SEO improvements

People tend to trust and open the first 5 to 6 URLs of a search result only. If your site ranking, at least, is in the top 10, you can get more chances of customers to come and buy your products. Some suggestions for improving your SEO are focusing on website content, stuffing the viral keywords, link building, or using tools.

4. Mobile experience

When the number of mobile devices users increase exponentially every year, our e-commerce industry will more and more dependent on mobile apps. People nowadays prefer to do almost everything with simple taps from their mobile devices. Let it be paying a bill, booking a movie show or purchasing products online just with mobile connected the Internet is the best companion for them.

5. Building trust with user-generated content

What I mean here are reviews and testimonial. Audiences, nowadays, trust more on what other customers talk about products and services rather than hearing from providers. This formed a habit of reading reviews and feedback from former customers before making a purchase. Therefore, nothing could be better than building trust by providing reviews and ratings on the website. I recommend both reviews by text and videos.

The final thoughts,

To run a web store is not a too difficult task. It depends a lot on how you can take advantage of the tools you have. You should find the right approach and strategies, I believe your sales will be increased considerably.


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