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Amazing benefits from Magento Mobile Theme

Magento Mobile theme

Nowadays, shopping online is more popular and brings a large sales volume for shop owners.  Anywhere with accessing the internet, we can choose suitable products. We don’t need to go out and spend a lot of time to find items as you like. Furthermore, there are a lot of devices to help you shopping conveniently such as a computer, laptop, iPad… Especially the mobile phone is a very useful device to help you visit all the webshops.

However, purchasing products in mobile is quite difficult because the website is designed for a large screen like a laptop. When customers want to have more information about the item, they need to zoom following different sizes of screens. It will make the customer uncomfortable when visiting your website. To know this problem, we – Cmsmart marketplace has released Magento Mobile Theme which brings the full solution for enhancing your website to approach nearly customers.

You are surprised with benefits which are brought by Magento Mobile Theme below:

Modern and creative design

We are proud of Magento Mobile Theme with unique creation about layout. Harmonious color combination with the clear arrangement of slider show and each of items are the factors that get the attention of buyers. Although your website is shown on a small screen, your customers can see all the information about items as well as the website. Moreover, shop owners can customize the website as your favorite with change position, the color of logo, text or product, this design will create unique and separate in your webshop.

Multi-layout and multi-icon

In Magento Mobile Theme, we bring 2 layouts for admin to choose for mobile, there is the home page for the app and home normal that are set in backend, the shop owner doesn’t need to have a lot of knowledge about information technology to do this simply and quickly. Besides, the shop owner can optimize the user menu. There are many icons for you to choose to display in categories, the admin can design their website free and it will show their characteristics to customers.

Diversity layout design

When using Magento Mobile Theme, the shop owners can customize header and footer diversity which show style through their website. To have a special header and footer, the admin needs to customize all information and elements in the backend. Especially, there are blocks, which create a home page in mobile, also be configured in the backend.

A lot of useful extensions

In Magento Mobile Theme, we are integrated a lot of useful extensions, some of the themes are search, Cart, Social Login extension which is a powerful function need to have in your webshop. To have these amazing extensions, we have used Ajax technology which makes actions faster and smoother. Customers can look for what they want in the search box, results will be returned immediately. After finding suitable items, they can put into cart quickly by Ajax cart extension, from where they need to view products chose and have decisions better. To introduce your website faster to customer’s friends, social login is a powerful extension for the shop owner, accessing successful into different social network sites simple and save a lot of time for buyers. All of them will bring attractive when shopping on your web.

Magento Mobile Theme

It brings a lot of benefits for your e-commerce website. It helps shop owners increase sales volume with convenience when shopping, bringing comfortable and enjoy the feeling when visiting your site, so why haven’t you chose this theme for your business?


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