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Are you ready for millennial friendly website?

Are you ready for millennial friendly website

A survey revealed that millennials made up 54% the overall purchases all over the world with purchasing power exceeding $200 billion dollars. This data is expected to increase significantly in the next years. Therefore, it can be said that millennial has opened an actual potential market for business owners. Unlike Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, they have a unique set of needs and wants when it comes to their online experience and remaining engaged with the content presented. So if you want to take a piece of that benefit cake, it’s time to develop a millennial-friendly website. How can you do it? Let’s read this article:

Why we should focus on millennials?

  • They are tech-savvy generation: Millennial is especially intensive to technology and always update fast the latest tech trends. So the enhancement of your business will be carried forward by these people.
  • The best brand promoters: It is not strange if you see the young take the photos, write reviews and ratings, share their experience about something on social media or blog, that’s the way they contribute to the process of promoting your brand. These things will attract and encourage their friends to experience, best marketing channel.
  • Key decision makers: As I said above, millennials have a certain effect on the community and their spread strength is considerable. If the brand comes with bad UX, they will never think twice and immediately move to competitors.

How to design a millennial-friendly website?

1. Mobile friendly:

Over 80% of millennial own at least one smartphone to purchase online and Google also rank your website based on the level of mobile-friendly. How you can make website mobile friendly, here are some tips for you:

  • Make sure the fast loading speed for the website. Generally, people expect the time never excess 2 seconds.
  • Optimize for a mobile experience with swipe-friendly and tap-friendly content. CTA button also needs to be designed at a suitable size, I mean easy to tap and easy to see.
  • The space on mobile is not suitable for something too complicated, so spend time to simplify navigation.

2. Self-Service Options

Is that strange? Yes, but it is useful. According to the Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, more than 90% of consumers expected that the website should come with some sort of self-service option. A millennial will appreciate solving problems with technology rather than reaching out to a live customer service representative. They will never be patient enough to wait five, ten or even 20 minutes and ask several people just to get an umbrella answer. The best solution for this case is providing information as much as possible including how-tos, video tutorials, and other interesting content. Forum and FAQ pages are also recommended.

3. Social media sharing

90% millennials will be on social media of they find a time. If your website allows social media sharing, millennials will really love it, they can share images, product or new posts on the blog with others. If possible, you provide some special programs for loyal customers or people who share most. All of these things will also help turn millennials into loyal repeat users.

4. The brand with a story behind

For example, a business owner tells a story of how she invented natural beauty products, customers will be attracted and understand more about her business. You can tell the story via videos and blog posts. Telling stories is becoming the most popular way to connect with consumers (and not just millennial, for that matter) and build trust.

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