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Awesome Design Tips to Boost Social Media Shares


Today, no doubt to say that social media is extremely effective marketing channel for business, especially for ecommerce. By sharing information via social media, you will have a great tool to engage your audience; it will be more perfectly if your visitors share your content with their friends. But, not many websites can do that.

This article will show you some tips will help demystify the process of sharing. Use them as you design your site or next post to boost social media shares.

#Keep it simple

In fact, over 50% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% of consumers will actually leave that website if it takes more than 3 seconds. So, don’t use too much gimmicks like audio or animation, this can kill the user experience.

You should make your site as simple as possible, make visitors can immediately identify the product or service you’re selling. Do it quickly before they move on or click through without considering your product. They can’t share what they haven’t seen so keep away the frills and get to the point.

#Make it visual

Nobody wants to read a page with thousand words, especially when people are used to clicking through websites in milliseconds. Using an image will be much better than texts. The study shows that using images can increase interaction rates by 35% on Twitter and a whopping 85% on Facebook. So, let use infographics, quote graphics, and/or photos that fit your overall design aesthetic instead the simple texts.

#Make it interactive

Let make your site most interactive with people. Sometime, you can ask people for their opinions, it makes they feel important. You can engage your visitors by creating games, quizzes or contests online. And use these to draw your audience in. Once they spent their time to having fun on your site or taken the time to write a thoughtful response, they will likely to share it on other networks.

#Use high quality, traceable images

Always use the high-quality images on your site because everything you shared, it’s a reflection of your company. When using stock image, make sure that it’s a high-resolution image and ready for commercial use.

If you create an original graphic, make sure that it’s traceable by adding a subtle watermark. Then when your graphic goes viral, everyone will know it came from you.

#Be “skimmable”

Using infographics is the perfect way to use less text while saying more. Infographics are a visually appetizing way to get a lot of information out there while telling a story and it can bring audience from point A to B without losing them in a jumble of words.

#Have a prominent “share” button

There are many websites which have many “share” buttons all the way at the bottom of a page, even after the author’s bio. Sharing button is required but you should use it reasonably, make it easy to find and hard to miss.

#Give solutions

Beside convince your audience that your site is awesome, you also need to convince that they’re gaining something by sharing. You can use the simple technique like give your visitors “how to” advice – this gives them access to life solutions which are both engaging and worthwhile to share with friends.

#Incentivize the share

Makes your share button prominent, attractive, and if possible, show the payoffs of being a sharer. Find ways to design an aura of coolness around the act of sharing. Gives them a big incentive to click on the share button.


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