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Improve online store with Best Magento Quick View Extension 2014

Magento Quick view Extension

In this time, every business find the way to improve their website in order to conquer customers. To be a smart online store manager, you have many way to upgrade the site such as: add more payment methods, use a modem template, update frequently about product on site…It is an effective way for this issue that is make the image of product displayed in a unique way. Magento Quick view Extension of Cmsmart Company is a good application to pay attention.

Noteworthy features of Magento Quick view Extension

Your customer can save time because of they can have a quick view of product detail when browsing the product listing page with a click on any products. A light box will be appeared once customer click on the quick view icon. So that, the visitors no need to go back many time in product category to see full description of each product.

  • It is so great that this application supports all major Browsers so that whether your customer surf the web with which browsers they can feel the convenience of your site.
  • A quick pop up will display the information such as product reviews, a short description, add to cart button to help customer operations easily and full of interesting. Visitors can add a product to cart from light-box pop up too.
  • You can change the background colors, Quick view border colors, background opacities and positions of the Quick view window and style of the pop up quickly and easily.
  • Customer can zoom and see what part of product that they need and you can enable/disable zoom functionality, configure sizes of images as you want.
  • The pop up box can be displayed anywhere on website screen that you want for example:  Centralize it on the screen or put it towards the top.
  • You can absolutely trust that Magento Quick view Extension of CMSMART company was Developed to work fine with any third-party theme

Compare some Best Magento Quick View Extension 2014

Many powerful Magento extension applications are available on marketplace now that quickly show product details on product listing page without actually redirecting customers to product detail page. To compare which is the Best Magento Quick View Extension 2014, let see some differences between them.

Magento Quick view Extension2

 Click this picture to see in fullsize.

With all the features almost the same, no doubt to see that Magento Quick view Extension of CMSMART with the Support 24/7 will be a smart choice thanks to more economical and more convenience with its zoom functionality.

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Let improve your online store with this application at CMSMART company site by follow below link: Cmsmart.net

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