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Choosing Magento Theme: Easy or Not?


With a Magento website, using Magento theme is a solution that helps website owners can save a lot of time and cost to design the interface for their site. On the marketplace, there are plenty of themes for Magento has been released. This gives you more choice, but it also can make you more difficult to find an appropriate theme for your site.

This article will mention some criterias that you should consider when choosing a theme for Magento.

1/ Choose the Magento theme which fully compatible with the latest version of Magento and it should be capable of upgrading when new versions of Magento are released.

Magento is continuously developed and updated. The new version to be released will solve the errors exist in previous versions and can be updated or improved features. So please make sure that the theme you choose will be updated to be able to work and fully compatible with the newest Magento version, this will help ensure your site performance is always at the highest rate.

2/ Choose Magento theme which can install and active easily

There are many website owners, who do not know too much about the code or knowledge of web development. So, if you are one of them, you are not a professional web developer, when choosing a theme for Magento and you should make sure that the theme comes with user guide / document.

Most of the themes now are included with the user guide documentation. To be sure, you can find out the information to see that you can clearly understand user guide or not and make sure that you can install and activate that theme quickly, easily.

3/ The Magento theme should be matching your requirements

That’s right! This is the most important thing that you should consider when choosing a theme for your site. A suitable theme, it must meet the full requirement that you want. In addition, it should also suitable with the contents and the purpose of your website.

However, it’s really not easy to find a theme that can meet 100% of all criterias that you want. You should set different priority levels for different features that you need and then choose in turn by each feature from highest priority to lowest priority.

4/ Choose the Magento theme which you can customize

The customization of a website is a very important thing. In this case, Magento theme customization features will enable you to customize the interface, the display of your sites. During operation, you may change many images, contents of your website for different time and different purpose.

Therefore, the highly customizable of a theme will help you easily change color, layout, size, etc… of the components on your site. This ensures that your website will always have a beautiful appearance. So, a Magento theme with highly customizable is always a good choice!

5/ Make sure that your Magento theme compatible with all browsers

Today on the marketplace, there are many web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc…). We had a problem has occurred that sometimes, with a few theme / template, they displays well on Google chrome but had problems with IE; or it works fine on firefox / chrome, but it does not work well with safari, etc … the lack of stable will affect the performance of use of the site, especially with the e-commerce site.

To ensure your site can operate in the best way, don’t forget to check that your Magento theme can work across all browsers or not.

6/ Will you get the supports? Free or Paid? Will you get the new update?

The support from developers is an important thing that you should pay attention. Whether you have been researched product information very carefully BUT you can not confirm absolutely that the theme will work on your site without any problems. That’s why you should be sure that you will get the support from developers BEFORE decided to buy that theme.

Tips: You should confirm the information such as: Will you get the support when you need? Is it free or not? How long? Will you be able to upgrade to the latest version of the theme? Etc…

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