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Comparing pre-designed themes or custom web design


In this article, we will give you a checklist. You can look back whether you should choose theme or custom web design

Customer prefers it to be actually quick

The competition in the market is rising at a dramatic pace, as the result web owners are also in a hurry too because at this moment, who can hold and control the time will be the winner. Just slower than one single minute, your business’s ROI ratio is affected. Customizing a web design is never an easy task and you should carry out right form the first time you build the web, each element of the website should be created freshly for each of the websites.

If you find that this step is too complicated and time-consuming, using theme designs and web templates for the website are always an ideal choice due to its convenience, they are pre-designed once and for all. And all you just need is downloading for free or paying money to buy them and inserting anywhere you want them to be.

Marketers follow the trends

One thing comes when you use custom web designs that are pre-designed and users can use them anytime is that they are designed in a certain homogeneous pattern, so looking similar among them is not a strange thing. Does it mean marketers should find other ways? No, finding a new way is just the thinking of normal marketers; a smart one is a person who can make it become the trend. It will lead to a large number of websites taking advantage of the same kind of themes and templates or in other words, they are following the trends.

The price of Templates and themes are cheaper

If you choose custom web design, you will need a designer; he will need to deal with every element from the first steps. In that process, he also has to spend time to contact to the client, ask them about the requirements, whether it suitable their web or not. A headache problem!

However, in the era when time is money, no business owner is patient enough to wait for the whole process done; they are all in a hurry to have their work done soon. The pre-designed themes and templates seem to be more feasible. If you make the comparison in terms of money paid and time spent, it is so obvious that predesigned themes are far cheaper as they are produced in masses and are later put upon a variety of websites for buying.

Wide range of varieties

With some keywords searching on the Internet, you will have hundreds of choices for themes and templates that are ready to use freely or at the actual reasonable cost. Templates and themes are available readily with diverse outstanding features. Users can select from that variety of functions that are present within the templates and themes. Since they are readily usable, they could be used in any of the CMS platforms.

Responsive theme

When mobile devices become an essential part of our life, business owners recognize the importance of swapping from desktop to mobiles. Or in other words, the requirement of responsive coding is mandatory for the website. Moreover, responsive also support strongly for mobile optimized too. In custom web designing, you must code the design of the website totally using responsive coding. If you pay money to buy pre-design themes, all things are available, just buy and apply it for your site.

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