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Convert Magento Site to Mobile-friendly & Optimize Conversion Rate


Do you know why April 21, 2015 is called “Judgment Day”? It is considered as the major landmark in searching technology when algorithms will change the display order of search results for users on phones and tablets. This update of tech-giant Google will give priority to mobile-friendly sites and less friendly sites will be pushed down. If you are running a website, you will understand how strong it influences a website’s visibility.

Mobile-friendly is essential for your Magento website?

If you still wonder about the feasibility of this update, let’s take a look over Mobile Overview report in Audience section. When you apply Google Analytics to organize your business conversion goals, then you are able to check the amount raised through sales in dollars form. Although how hard you try, how much time you spend for creating an optimal website, you do not pay attention to smart mobile devices interaction, you will lose most substantial portion of traffic.

Percentage of Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Searches

A recent survey reveals that search results coming through desktop, tablet and mobile devices is 61%, 64% and 78% respectively. This proportion is very norm because owning at least a smartphone is indispensability in information technology era. On the other hands, Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms for creating e-commerce sites, so what if your Magento website is not optimized for mobile devices? To avoid missing traffic, it is necessary to convert the Magento site to mobile-friendly and make it optimized.

We are glad to offer you three feasible tools for making the changes:

  1. Magento Mobile Theme


This product comes with outstanding features to fit your store with all modern mobile devices on the world while configuration on color or layout can be installed into your Magento website just in few minutes. Anytime searchers interact with your websites through mobile devices, the systems will detect and convert automatically to the mobile layout. After that, all the shopping and payment process can be finished perfectly via their mobile interface.

Mobile Theme Magento

  1. Magento Responsive Admin Template


If you desire your website to work smoothly anytime with all mobile devices, it will be a great choice for you. This elegant and professional product comes with 5 colors skin, floating effects and default admin template improved.

The responsive layout with Bootstrap is applied to customize with less time than before. The interface is actually stunning and easy-to-use with horizontal and vertical menu so that you can navigate easily and smoothly with impressive icons. Moreover, search tool, Preview button and Help button are designed right at the header of Admin panel for shortening time of finding.

Magento Admin Template

  1. Magento One Step Checkout Extension


This help you create a perfect checkout page which can work well with any mobile devices with a responsive design. It is undeniable that One Step Checkout will motivate buyers considerably and reduce the percentage of canceling purchasing at the mid of process. Instead of loading six pages, customers just need to place their order at one single page.

Forgetting the complex and cumbersome process of ordering, customers will be more satisfied and your revenue will increase as the results. Now is the time of advancement and relaxation and that is what Magento One Step Checkout is offering to your customers.

One Step Checkout Extension Magento

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