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Create a Winning Customer Experience with these 5 Extensions

Deliver an irresistible customer experience and extraordinary sales will soon follow. These five fantastic solutions will enhance your store’s performance, boost product discoverability, and obliterate shopper hesitation, before sending your customers racing towards checkout like never before.

1. WordPress Integrated Search by DCKAP

This neat extension lists products that customers are searching for, and their related blogs. Blog content helps customers to make informed purchase decisions and prevents shopping cart abandonment.

2. Tracking Number Import Module by Xtento

Importing order status updates and tracking numbers from CSV or XML files into Magento Commerce 2 has never been easier. This module allows you to import invoices, shipments, and tracking data into Magento – automatically. Now you can import your order management and shipments in bulk.

Create a Winning Customer Experience

3. Data Feed Generator by Plumrocket Inc.

Create an unlimited number of data feeds for affiliate networks, RSS readers, price comparison websites, deal aggregators, and custom data feeds for your products and categories. This extension will help any Magento Commerce 2 store owner boost sales and traditional search engine rankings, driving more traffic your way.

4. Fastly CDN by Fastly

Fastly delivers your entire storefront faster, instantly updates content globally, and shields your Magento origin from traffic spikes – all from your Magento admin panel. The results? An enhanced customer experience, leading to increased conversion rate and average order value.

5. Algolia Instant Search by Algolia

The Algolia uses a unique technology to deliver the fastest search solution possible, with results showing up as soon as the user types. Algolia helps Magento stores connect their users with the products they’re searching for, via a lightning-fast search that delivers relevant search results anywhere in the world.

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