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Evaluating between Magento and BigCommerce


We had discussed and compared a lot between Magento 2 and WordPress, Top 6 e-commerce platforms with examples or WordPress and Shopify before but recently, I received a lot of questions from my customers, they asked my opinions about hosted solutions and open source eCommerce platforms, I mean in this case is Magento and Big Commerce. At first, I can affirm that hosted solutions like Big Commerce are so suitable for small or new businesses that do not have large capital budget while Magento is the right choice for larger online stores who desire more freedom to design their site. If every business can be sorted clearly into a small and large business like I said before, the choice can be made so easily. However, there still are the ones in the middle, and they do not know where to stick to, this article will give you the information:

Hosted Solutions – BigCommerce

Here are some reasons why BigCommerce is the great choice for your site:

  • BigCommerce is feature rich

You have just started a business and you do not have much money to hire professional developers but you still desire the ability to add a variety of features as well as add-ons to enrich customer experience on your site, let’s choose BigCommerce.

  • It’s secure

There will be SSL certificate shared for all sites if you use  BigCommerce and of course if you want to have your own, you can buy.

  • Staff are on hand to assist you

BigCommerce provides a dedicated support service, you can raise questions whenever you set stuck. Sometimes, it will take you some time to wait for the responses from the support team.

  • Free templates

If you are confident about your ability, there are over a hundred free templates available on market, you can download and apply to your site by yourself. If you don’t want, spend some money to have your site built by web development companies

  • Range of management options

You are a shop owner and as the norm, you will want to have full right to control your site. However, there will be some aspect you are not good at and bigger platforms seem to be confusing and require some knowledge and skill to use the software. BigCommerce can help you deal with inventory, product options, tax and shipping, etc management.

  • Marketing features

BigCommerce will come with the huge amount of marketing including promotions, email-marketing, sales, etc. and other shopping services such as Google Shopping or eBay. I highly recommend taking advantages of digital marketing by optimizing Meta description, Page title or URLs.

Pricing: $24.95 – $299.95 per month

Open Source eCommerce – Magento

With the outstanding benefits I mentioned above, you may think that BigCommerce is the perfect solution, but it will become imperfect if you have to deal with high sale volume and a huge number of products. In this case, let’s consider Magento. Here are some advantages you can gain when using Magento to build an envious website:

  • It’s reputed

If you still have doubt about Magento reputation, let’s see websites of the huge like Nike, Toms, Paul Smith or Christian Louboutin, they are all built by Magento.

  • Customization

Magento leaves a lot of space for developers and designers to design freely as they wish. You can work with your team to create custom Magento themes that caters for your every want needs and wants and your site will look exactly as professional as you want it to.

  • All the benefits of BigCommerce

Magento will come with all benefits of BigCommerce I mentioned above, I mean including SEO options, analytics, and reporting, themes, extensions, etc. but it is open source, so it can be hosted anywhere.

Besides Free Magento items, you can refer some Magento extensions, Magento 2 extensions and Magento themes on Cmsmart, hope you can find the suitable ones for your site.

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