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Five Actionable Tips to Optimize Your E-commerce conversion rates

E-commerce conversion rates

E-commerce conversion rates – this is an important parameter of all e-commerce stores. In fact, the average online shopping abandonment rate is 69%. It means that 69% of visitors leaving your site without any purchases. How to improve the conversion rates is the common question of every retailer, so this article will give you five actionable tips that can help you optimize your e-commerce conversion rates.

#1 Understanding your customers for a better selling

You would never want to create an e-commerce shop without knowing who you’re selling your products to. Let your customers know that you understand their expectations, want and desires. It’s been shown that 67% of marketers consider consumer behavior as a major parameter for optimal marketing decisions. With many analytics and survey tools, you can gauge your customer behavior to tune your website.

Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used webmaster tools (73% of marketers actively use it). If you want to measure the customer behavior for an existing e-commerce site, then this is a great tool to start.

#2 Product page optimization – Where money flows

Product page optimization is one of the most important variables in increasing conversion rate. It’s all about presenting high-quality images, videos, CTA buttons, attractive descriptions, content and the overall look and feel of your products.

A picture speaks volumes: a study revealed that high-quality product photography is the most important factor for 93% of online shoppers.

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software allows users to not only high-quality images but also provides enhanced 360-degree product views in less than 5 minutes.

Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom is one of the best-recommended image zooming tools for Magento customers. It lets your customers zoom, enlarge, spin, scroll and view images. It also helps customers to see images of the product in different colors.

Creating compelling CTAs is important to achieve your conversion goals. Many tools, like Button Optimizer, can be used to design, generate and test your CTA buttons. Creating a prominent CTAs can increase conversions to 591%.

Navigation optimization: letting your customers find their desired product in no time is one step closer to closing a sale. You can increase conversion up to 10% through navigation optimization. Here are 10 principles to follow for good website navigation.

#3 Speed – It matters

You could have a fantastic looking website, but having a long page loading time will irritate your customers, causing them to leave your site. According to one study, 57% of the visitor will abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Delaying your page by 1 second can cause a 7% reduction in conversions. So, here are some tips that can help you to improve your site speed.

#4 Predictive search options

Developing search options based on real-time user behavior helps target and segment your audience. Predictive search has become a must-have search option. Failing to implement it can make your e-commerce site look out of date, as 82% of websites have some sort of autocomplete/ predictive search.

If you are looking for a solution to integrate autocomplete and predictive search into your Magento website, the extension which called Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete & Suggest will be perfect for you. It will help you to build a powerful search for your e-commerce site.

#5 Providing online support for customers throughout their purchase

A live chat in your e-commerce store is similar to a salesperson you meet in a physical store. From emarketer.com, 63% of respondents were more likely to visit a website that offered live chat. Increases sales and helps you reduce your expenses. One of the main examples of personalized marketing. 82% of consumers revealed that they would buy more items via emails that had better personalization. Recommendation engine helps you create customized email interactions that are highly scalable. It’s a smarter way to talk to your customers and addressing their needs based on their behavior and trends.

Zopim: this is a popular live chat tool for e-commerce websites in increasing their conversion rates. An effective tool is tailor-made to suit your needs, providing a smooth customer relationship for your e-commerce website.

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