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How to install Magento marketplace theme integrated multi vendor for a complete store

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Have you ever heard about Amazon, Esty, and Themeforest? Yes, they are all the massive success examples of marketplace model and they will inspire any business owners who want to create a website to sell both physical and digital products. Magento marketplace theme provides an easy method for you to host third-party vendors. Customers will be more satisfied when they can choose from a wide selection of products at a very suitable price and operators can gain benefit from sellers’ commission without any risks. Magento marketplace theme is powerful enough to provide the unique functionality multi-vendor including:

Easy to register or listing for the vendor:

If it is hard for new vendors to register or list their product in your marketplace, they will leave immediately and no money, no benefit for you. So, it should be simple and easy for third-party vendors to create their own stores with an individual profile page to showcase these listings.

Smart search feature:

Search is always essential for eCommerce but with a website containing a huge amount of products and services like Magento marketplace theme, it’s doubly important. So don’t ignore it!

Reviews and testimonials:

The marketplace has multiple vendors and reviews and testimonials will help consumers make a decision better and build trust for sellers.

Ability to charge commission:

As the owner of a marketplace, you’ll generate revenue charging a commission. Magento marketplace theme allows operators to set suitable commission for different kinds of vendors.


This feature might serve vendors rather than operators. Magento marketplace theme allows vendors to set different prices for different kinds of consumers and different quantities.

That’s all about the basic and essential features for Magento marketplace theme but in this post, I will focus more on showing you how to install it. Let’s see this video:

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