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Intenso v1.3.5 – Advanced Magento Theme


Intenso is the most advanced theme ever, with features that make magento even more powerful. Based on Foundation 5 framework, it features a smart responsive design with powerful extensions included out pf the box.

Version 1.3.5 (08/20/2015)
- Fixed compatibility of Quick View with Safari.
- Prices of Configurable Products in QuickView are now updated properly when selecting an option with different price.
- Layout updates from Customer section were moved from Local.xml to Customer.xml to improve support for third-party extensions that makes layout modifications to Customer Admin Panel.
- Fixed Prototype.js error on Catalog View page when category is empty.
- Fixed CSS styles for 3D Secure logos in checkout
- Fixed memory leak in product page and quickview
- Fixed bug in Add to Cart redirection observer of Quick View
- "Add to Cart" button replaced by "View Details" for configurable product in Catalog List page
- Fixed ExtendedReviews bug. Now reviews added from admin panel are properly shown in front-end
- Fixed navigation arrows of full page zoom on iPad. Now arrows are visible all time when opening product zoom on iPad
- Scrolling in off-canvas menus on iOS7-8 is now possible
- Fixed isotope.js layout issue on orientation change. Now catalog page layout is properly updated on orientation change in mobile.
- Echo.js (lazy loading) plugin updated from v1.6.0 to v1.7.0
- jQuery updated from v2.1.0 to v2.1.4
- Added HoverIntent.js plugin. Now main menu drop-downs and review´s popover in catalog page are not opened by accident when moving the mouse around.
- Added overlay to vertical menu and CSS styles improvements
- Added "Empty Cart" link to shopping cart page
- Added "View Cart" button to confirmation message modal popup shown after adding product to cart


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