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All interesting and special facts about Magento themes

Magento themes

Magento is the most favorite ecommerce platform all over the world due to  its store themes and templates with feature-rich solutions for the stores. It provides users full rights to control over the content, appearance as well as the usability of the stores.

Magento themes are well-known thanks to simple user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the platform. Without those theme, your online store will appear with so bland and generic looking. In the market, there are two main choices for Magento themes that are free and custom Magento themes.

Each choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are not persistent that you have to choose which one because it depends a lot on your real case, your budget capacity and so on. In this article, we just want to give you the most outstanding pros and cons of each choice, we hope that with this article, you can gain the deeper look over Magento themes segmentation.

Free Magento Themes


  • The most significant advantage belongs to the price aspect, it is totally free, no money is paid. This is the reason why a lot of online business owners choose free Magento themes for their websites.
  • As many users’ comments, those free Magento themes are so easy and simple to install and use, you are not required too much coding knowledge for set-up process. All you need is downloading theme and spending some few minutes to install, then your online business website is ready to use.
  • Although they are free, they are still compatible with all major versions of Magento as well as optimized for all major web browsers.


  • The amount of free Magento themes users is really huge and because those themes are available on Magento store, so the chance that the theme you choose to used have already been used by other shop owners is actually high. And no one wants to be the same with others, especial with their rivals.
  • Customizing or upgrading free Magento themes according to the newest market trends and standards is impossible.
  • In case any mishap occurs, the chance for you to get technical support is almost zero.

Custom Designed Magento Themes


  • You pay money and you will have a fresh and unique design that brings your own style, you can make your site different from the crowd.
  • With custom Magento themes, managing is also easier and you pay money for them so you will adapt to the latest trends and standards more quickly.
  • Magento themes developers will provide complete technical support so you can own a highly functional store that comes with minimal downtime.
  • They are all are optimized for SEO as well as SERP operations.


  • Custom Magento themes usually come with a hefty price tag, there will be some people feel hesitative to open their wallets.
  • More sophisticated and more unique mean more time required for customizing
  • They may slow down the store.
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