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Key trends will drive Magento in 2017

key trends drive Magento in 2017

Since the time Magento was released on the market, until now, it has been always on top of e-commerce platforms. In order to retain this position as a king, a  world’s leader in the segment, it is not because of luck. Nothing ventures, nothing gains. Magento developers, in those years, have always put a lot of effort into adapting to incorporating the latest trends with time. The spending habits, as well as the interaction of the customers, have changed leads to the changes required n the way web portals engage with the customers.

The demands of consumers are higher and higher. They require a better user experience along with an intuitive and interactive interface. Fortunately, Magento is the eCommerce platform that comes with the full capability of catering to these demands of the users as well as delivering an exceptional experience better than other current platforms.

In 2017, it is predicted that we will observe key trends in Magento that transform the experience of eCommerce. They would be:

1. Globalized Shopping

The globalization trend gives business owners both challenges and opportunities because customers have more chances to order and demand more. The products and services they can buy are not limited to their regions or in the country. In 2017, you will see a lot of cross-border transactions, the online stores will become a global store and serve customers from different countries.

2. Mobile Commerce

In recent several years, shopping via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. dominates the market. Experts predict that in 2017, the number of mobile devices users will exceed 2 billion. So prioritizing to design a website for mobile devices will be so crucial in this year. Desktop, now, has not been the number one when designing.

3. Social network

Social media, nowadays, attracts a huge amount of users all over the world, especially the youth. You write a long list of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, etc. Everybody usually calls it by the virtual world but the benefit, the sale revenue it brings to shop owners is real. Social media is no longer the place just for entertainment, now, it becomes more interactive and personalized. You can take advantage of chatbots with impressive artificial intelligence to offer customers an awe-inspiring experience. It may require your site be designed sophisticated and professional but it will improve the communication between customers and you.

4. Payment methods

Not all customers use the same payment gateway when purchasing. So, including a variety of Payment modes in your site will be a great way to deliver a superb customer experience. In this 2017, there will be augmentation in this feature, I mean new Payment Methods will be incorporated for the convenience of the customers. Customers will have more choice for payment methods such as Debit/Credit card, NetBanking, Wallets, etc. Cash on delivery will also add to the popularity of the web forum.

It can be concluded that in 2017, we will observe the massive change in every aspect of the e-commerce industry. I hope it will be a successful year and good luck with your sale!

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