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Magento Amazon vendor with Responsive Magento Admin theme

Magento Amazon vendor

Besides Magento Mega menu extension and Advanced Magento Multivendor, there is one extension that makes Magento Amazon vendor theme become one of the most wonderful theme for sale website and it is Responsive Magento admin theme. You had known about how Magento Multivendor supports Magento Amazon vendor in article Magento Amazon vendor with Advanced Magento Multivendor, so in this article, I will list and explain how Magento admin theme work in this premium theme:

Features of Magento Admin theme:

  • Totally responsive design: Nowadays, in the era of smart devices, responsive is almost the must-have feature for any websites, it provides great user experience for customers regardless of devices they are using
  • Variety of theme colors
  • jQuery v1.11.0: the most obvious advantage of jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library
  • Multiple color skins are provided so this theme can fit with any styles of customers
  • Modern Design: Design with all our love to bring you a stunning layout admin. 5 unique color layouts for your favorite or you can also create your own variation
  • Navigation Menu with horizontal and vertical menu
  • Over 100 pages includes basic, modern and stylish pages.
  • Unique, clean, attractive and elegant interface with rich features
  • Easy to use and customize: You can arrange and adjust the way information displayed just with some few clicks.
  • Login, Register, user profile: Login and registration pages along with user profile page helps you to add new user in your application.
  • Search pro: the special point of this feature of Magento Admin theme is designed to boost the Admin search experience to the maximum
  • Clean code: Bad code can still work but of course it will influence negatively to your site such as slow loading time and hard to customize. Magento Admin theme comes with so clean code to help you deal with this problem.
  • Themify and awesome icon font: Themify and awesome icon font help your website lighter, more attractive and inspire you when managing your website. They include Icons; Glyph icons; Font Awesome; Simple line icon; Payment Web font; Weather Icons
  • Be more attractive with CSS3, HTML5, and CHARTS: it is simple, clean and engages HTML5 based JavaScript charts. Especially with ChartJS we create animated, interactive graphs on admin theme
  • Uploading Admin’s Avatar Function: With a nice avatar, it increases visually and satisfy the demand for easy to control and more professional admin accounts.
  • Quick Preview Website: Adding quick preview website function, admin can easily preview all changes on their site
  • Translation ready and support RTL: Translating automatically into popular languages and regions of frequent buying such as English, French, German… special Admin theme have already supported RTL
  • Other features includes Sign in & Signup; Lock Screen; Error Page; Profile; Email; Timeline; Gallery; Pricing; Invoice; Help Page; Search Result page

So, don’t hesitate to choose it for your website to make it more professional and attractive!


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