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Magento Daily Deal Extension – Great Tool To Managing Deals

For all e-commerce sites or online stores, the management of information related to the product is always an important thing. However, the management of information about prices, the number of products, etc… is not always easy. Especially for websites/store has huge number of products or has many kinds of items, then it is even more difficult.

About the management of product pricing, most e-commerce websites all allow you to edit price easily. But there is one problem that arises is when you have the discount deals/promotions, you want to adjust product prices. With a large number of products, the adjustment of the price for each item will take a lot of time if you do that manually. And if you want to make the deal for each product / group of product but with different time intervals, then it becomes more difficult. Most of e-commerce sites do not support you to do that. But I have a solution for you, if your website built by Magento. That is you can use Magento Daily Deal Extension.


Magento Daily Deal Extension allows shop/store owners to manage deals on their online stores with the most professional ways. So you can setup countdown timer for daily deal or for any period of time that you want. This helps you can create and manage deals of your store easier than ever.

Here are some highlights features that you need to know about Magento Daily Deal Extension.

For customers:

  • Review all off your deals in 3 tabs: your customers can review all of your deals in 3 tabs (Today deals, Past Deals and Upcoming Deals) in the deal listing page. They can easily keep track of your deals by 3 promotion blocks “Today’s Deals”, “Coming Deal” and “Past Deals” which are shown flexibly.
  • Attract customers by the countdown timer interface: the countdown timer interface is really attracting customers at first sight.
  • Display timeline slider on top defines deals for any interval.
  • This extension allows attracting customers by highlighting special offers with timer, discount, sold, quantity, saving amount, remaining quantity, etc…
  • Customers can make a comparison between the discount price and actual value of each product. Thanks to such a difference, customers easily get to know how much they can save before purchasing.
  • Customers will be notified if their required quantity is higher than the quantity left or reach the maximum quantity allowed buying.
  • With new front-end Daily Deal design, admin can customize color scheme on the backend to match the customer’s custom theme

For admin/store owners:

  • Admin can flexible to configuration time
  • Admin can choose where the deals will be displayed, in the left or right sidebar
  • Admin can adjust numbers of product per page
  • Allow to config limit deals per customer order
  • Allow to auto-disable deals when the deals ended.
  • Admin can get the deal report which shows the number of impressions and sold quantity

The video Quick Installation for Magento Daily Deal

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