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Magento for Ecommerce Website – Why we choose?


Magento (an opensource) is a popular ecommerce platform based on PHP. Magento provides many robust features and it allows store owners can manage the content, appearance, and functionality of their e-commerce store. Moreover, Magento comes with a flawless administration interface that involves an effective marketing, optimized for SEO and owns powerful inventory management tools. It also provides a potent combination of extremely scalable layout and an extensive support network.

In addition to bringing the powerful features which can help to create a strong ecommerce website, Magento also bring the best experience for users. Here is the list of reasons why Magento is a perfect ecommerce platform:

  • Magento offers many easy-to-use features.
  • Magento enables you to update your shopping website automatically, where this feature is not available in other platforms.
  • It allows shoppers can browse and buy any product or service through its simple, quick, and versatile functionality.
  • Magento provides highly interactive and enjoyable shopping experience to consumers.
  • Over and above supporting multiple websites, Magento also imparts support to online stores topromote their goods and services on various other domains.
  • Magento has been designed based on the MVC system; hence, it helps you make your website greatly scalable.
  • Magento fulfill particular business needs of the merchants with powerful SEO, marketing and management tools.

Why Magento is Prefered than Other Platforms?

Magento vs. Shopify


Magento is the most prominent opensource platform for ecommerce; there are thousands of themes & extensions for Magento which available. And Shopify, is a smaller ecommerce platform, it works with its own language and it just offers limited number of templates. In addition, Shopify does not have many extensions like Magento and also lacks the many reporting and customization tools. In brief, Shopify will be a good choice for those who want to build a business website in a short time, and Magento is a great choice to create a rich and dependable e-commerce website.

Magento vs. Miva Merchant


Magento is an opensouce, so we can use it for free. Miva is not free, you have to pay-to-use, though not much pricey. Not same as Miva, there are not any customer loyalty programs or special discounts for Magento. Moreover, advantage of Magento compared to Miva is Magento is based on the PHP language; you can easy to learn and comprehend while Miva uses Custom programming language.

Magento vs. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform which is very easy to set up and manage and it amiability to focus on international shipping. However, Magento also provides us a simple and user-friendly framework. But the disadvantage point of Bigcommerce is the complex plug-ins and limited third-party support.

Magento vs. WordPress


No doubt to say that WordPress is the most popular web platform, but it was basically designed for blogging. Magento is an opensource platform which was created specific for ecommerce website. Although now WordPress allows to create ecommerce store through plug-ins. But, if you are looking for an ecommerce solution, why you choose to create an ecommerce store with a platform that designed for blogging? Why not a dedicated e-commerce platform?

Bottom Line

All ecommerce platforms have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. To choose a perfect platform for your ecommerce store, you need to have a clear idea of your key business priorities. But, as the title of this article, Magento is still one of the best platforms for ecommerce business.

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