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Magento Mobile Theme: A perfect solution for Magento store


Right today, the smartphone is a device that is very familiar to everyone. Because of the popularity of mobile devices, so people are changing a lot of habits. Nowaday, we use smartphones for many different needs of life. With a mobile device, we can make a call, entertainment, surfing internet or even we can shopping online right on a smartphone, tablet…  we can say that the mobile devices today can replace most of the things that previously could only use via computer.

Because of that change, the websites and the enterprise which working on e-commerce needs to change to follow up the trend of customers. All websites today are required to have a layout which can work well on mobile devices. And then, the responsive template / theme for website were born to adapt these needs. However, not all website owners want to change their website layout to the new responsive layout because the cost for designing a new responsive template could be very high. And then today, there is a new solution to help website owners can create a mobile-layout based on the template/theme now they are using. It was created for Magento website, that name is Magento Mobile Theme.

Magento Mobile Theme works like an extension for Magento and helps the website owners can build a mobile-layout for their websites, which don’t have responsive feature. This is a great economic solution for website owners.

How exactly Magento Mobile Theme works?

After you use this product, whenever your visitors access your site by mobile devices (smartphone, tablet…) then the Magento Mobile Theme will automatically detect the devices and switch your site to the mobile layout. This product is compatible with almost magento themes which not supported responsive feature. You will have a fully mobile support website in just 5 minute.


A perfect solution for Magento store

Magento Mobile Theme helps you to create a beautiful layout for mobile devices:

  • Fully responsive layout for every mobile devices
  • A beautiful promotion banner and feature products banner
  • A fully customizable Slideshow with flexible slideshow, works well on mobile with freely customize
  • Support 5 color schemes & unlimited colors to choose
  • Multi layout of home page to choose: one, two or three columns.
  • Change logo and button from admin Cpanel
  • Can display custom content in multiple sidebar blocks and you can enable/disable default sidebar blocks
  • And more…

Magento Mobile Theme gives you a theme with many poweful functions:

  • Working good for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7, Palm Pre, Kindle and other devices.
  • Easily to navigation with categories and list of products
  • Easily to access user menu with drop-down list
  • Install search in all pages with no page reloads
  • Supported for multi-languages and multi-currency
  • The powerful shopping cart with ajax technology able you to add-to-cart or access shopping cart from anywhere on your site
  • Magento Delivery Date included
  • Supported for Magento One Step Checkout Extension
  • Use social media share for each product
  • SEO optimized (friendly URL, meta keyword, meta tag… supported )
  • And many more features…

Feel free to try LIVE DEMO version or go to details page for full info

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