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What do we have on Magento multi vendor theme package?

magento multi vendor theme

Building a marketplace is always difficult and complicated task but have you ever asked how can you make it become easier? The answer is Magento multi vendor theme package of Netbase team. In this article, I will tell you the reason why I affirm it is the ideal open source solutions for smart business owners. Here we go.

There are three most outstanding feature you cannot ignore in this Magento multi vendor theme package:

  1. Perfect theme

  • Powerful admin panel with easy-to-customize structure so you do not need too much information technology knowledge to manage.
  • Creative headers and footer with full necessary information
  • Module brand and Product best sellers: these are the most awesome features Magento multi vendor theme package bring to marketplace operator. You can add brand for your own products and filter brand follow categories and display product which people purchase a lot in homepage.
  • Hot deal products: Admin can display countdown to the end of sales or promotions in real time, or build anticipation for upcoming events.
  1. Magento multi vendor feature

  • Seller Order Management includes creating an invoice, canceling the order, Create Credit Memo, Print the order, etc.
  • Providing Commission Management, Review and Rating Management, Inventory Management and Vendor Dashboard Management: these are all powerful tools Magento multi vendor theme brings to users for management process.
  • Separate Seller Profile with Company Banner and Company Logo.
  • Different Product type for Seller includes Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable.
  • Marketplace sell page (in case of layout 2 and layout 3) works as seller central where sellers can separately create his account.
  • Allowing to the seller to edit shop’s URL for Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
  • Vendor order Details/ History & Invoice Management: vendor / seller can view the order details and filter them out by using available filters. Vendor /seller can manage the order and input tracking information and confirm the order by using marketplace shipping plugin (I mean using add-on). Vendor / Seller can print the invoice and ship the goods to customers by using shipping add-ons.
  • Magento 2 Marketplace with Attractive landing page: What does it mean by attractive? It is a clean and modern landing page, which helps in increasing the UI/UX and quality experience, and finally boost conversion rate. With landing page you can display the top 4 sellers of the marketplace, with their top selling products, Seller logo, Shop Title, and a button to redirect to view the full collection of the seller.
  1. Magento quick view extension

  • Quickly view products in Catalog Widget: You can easily preview product in catalog widget such as: homepage, categories pages…without going to product detail page.
  • Displaying quick view pop up with all product information such as name, price, product image, etc. and product options such as size, color, etc.
  • Supporting Multi-store
  • Adding product to cart right in the popup: Customers can quickly add products they want to cart from a product popup.
  • Quick View button Setting: You can set custom for Quick View button in terms of title, color text and button background.
  • Performing other actions as on a real product page: Magento multi vendor theme integrates this extension to enable store visitors not only to preview product information but to perform other actions such as: adding to wishlist, add to compare, sending an email and writing product reviews.
  • Displaying product detail page link: Enable or disable Product Link and specify the text color and hover color. If enabled then the user will see a link to the product page for more details.

These are the most outstanding features of Magento multi vendor theme package, it still has many other considerable features that you only can know how well it works if you try it one time.


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