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Magento Responsive Theme or Magento Mobile Theme ?

Today, using mobile devices for web browsing as well as for shopping online is a very popular thing. So there are many companies that own the Magento ecommerce website want their sites to work well with clients’ access using mobile devices. Normally, we have two ways to do this:

  1. Using Magento responsive themes
  2. Using a Magento mobile app extension to create mobile version for their site.

So which option is optimal for you? This article will analyze some aspects about the pros and cons of the two methods mentioned above.

If you want to use a responsive theme for your Magento site, will have a problem occurs that is if your website does not have a responsive design, so deciding to redesign your website to become responsive theme is indeed a very difficult decision. To do that, you will probably need a lot of effort, money and time. While talking about this aspect, perhaps the use of a Magento mobile extension from the marketplace is a more optimal option. You will not need to take much time to redesign your website, instead you simply install an extension and your website will own a mobile version. Of course, you also can use a responsive Magento theme available on the market, but to find a suitable theme really is not really easy.


Absolutely that using an extension to make your Magento store mobile friendly is effective. However, this method also has disadvantages. That is the amount of work that needs to be put into keeping the mobile app website up to date and running, when you want to update your website, you’ll also need to do that with mobile version. The mobile version of your site now operates as a stand-alone version and it also needs to be maintained and updated regularly. If there is no balance, the cost of it will be higher than the investment for a responsive design from the beginning.

Moreover, there is the fact that your site may be has a lot of complex function like shipping, subscription options, or discount codes, etc… then sometimes your mobile version can not adapt and works exactly same like the actual website. That make customers who use mobile devices can not get the best experience as on the web version and probably affect your sales.


Updating website will be much easier if you use a responsive template. When your website has new adjustments, these changes will take effect with both web version and mobile version. It will not take a lot of time like when using a mobile app extension. Moreover, using a responsive template will not affect your SEO like a mobile app. The mobile apps cannot be indexed through search engines; this will significantly influence your rankings on the search engines.


If you are intending to build a new Magento e-commerce website, I recommend using the Magento responsive themes. Maybe it will be more expensive but the long term benefits are huge. You will not take much time, money and effort to upgrade and maintain your site in the future.

Using a Magento mobile app extension is a good solution for websites that are not owned responsive design. You can easily to create a mobile version without the need to redesign your website.

  • TipsMagento Mobile Theme by CMSmart is the great magento extension to help you create mobile version for your site. The new version of mobile theme will comming soon with many new/update features.

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