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Magento theme club with two amazing Magento packages

Magento theme club

The club is the community that brings together people with a shared interest. In our life, we meet a lot of clubs like social clubs, service clubs, sports and recreation clubs. Magento theme club is also built for that purpose because we believe that we share to get more!

So, in this article, I will compare two packages available on Cmsmart marketplace: Standard and Best value. To help you easier to understand, I will make the comparison about the similarities and differences between these two package solutions. Here we go:

The similarities:

  • Joining fee: We only charge you $99 for both of packages then you can download all themes and extensions available on the club.
  • Download all templates: Our Magento theme club includes over 23 high-quality Magento themes that are always ready to satisfy any requirements from the most demanding customers.
  • Download all extensions: There are over 29 Magento 1.x and Magento 2 extensions available on Club and they are constantly developed to complete with powerful features. You can download and use any of them for your e-commerce website.
  • Forever usage: What does it mean? It means that even when your membership is expired, you still can use all of the products as long as you want.
  • Product Upgrade: If you have already been our club member and your account is active, you can get our upgrade versions of themes and extensions freely, I mean no extra fee added for those upgrade.

That’s all about the similarities between these two packages. Next, I will show you how a Standard package is different from the other one. Let’s go:

The differences:

  • Renewal fee: The renewal fee will be $49/month and $99/month for Standard and Best Value package respectively. You might wonder that why Best Value package is twice times as expensive as the rest? Calm down, the answer is in the different we will list out bellow:
  • Domain license: With both of packages, you have same right to use +29 Magento extensions and +23 Magento themes but while Best value Package supports for 3 domain, the Standard one is only for just one domain. The difference is two domains
  • Unlimited Support ticket: All of your issues will be supported properly with our advanced support ticket system. However, as we mentioned above, with the Standard package, you only get for 1 domain while Best Value one, you have up to three domains.

Overall, what I have listed above are all the similarities as well as differences between two packages available on our Magento Theme Club. From the point of view of business owners, I highly recommend you to choose Best Value package! Why? Of course, it will charge you a bit more money but what you can get is even far more than what you pay. Hope you find this article useful and good luck for your sale!

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