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Why the main mission of design is all about solving web problems?

design is all about solving web problems

I can see a lot of people spending hours in front of the computer, working with Photoshop, spending nights for coding our heart’s content. However, those efforts for designing are not just for making the thing look great, they are also about finding a way to solve problems.

As designers and developers, we always raise the questions and deal with all the hidden issues preventing companies and organizations from recognizing their full potential. Here are some problems that we wrestle with regularly:

1. Make your brand more identifiable by diverse audiences

With some kind of products and services, their audience segmentation is diverse and the digital strategies offered can just cover some of the segmentation, not all. With such a competitive market at this time, sending messages for all targeted audiences might be diluted. The risk of excluding some vital audiences will be higher. Due to this situation, it’d better do researchers and raise questions to uncover the different goals as many as possible. To refine your website, it is necessary to map user personas as well as workflows to ensure that the website design could address the needs of all the users.

2. Resolving all fundamental issues to make the site work properly

As the record, this is the main issue for a lot of web owners, their websites are usually outdated, or running old versions of software, of course, they would never perform as owners wish. This situation will distract a lot on the process of brand perception amongst their users.

The mission of designers is to identify the performance issues and plan the strategies to resolve all of them. Let’s take an example. Your audience is annoyed by the slow loading time, which will influence the conversion rate. You need to run diagnostics and provide recommendations around site software, hosting and coding best practices to vastly improve speed and performance. One issue but it needs a process to resolve.

3. Moving common tasks online to minimize time spent by administrator

Let’s look for some gaps so we can utilize it better. Some recommendations for administration tasks to be automated:

  • automating the generation of email campaigns
  • Using CRM for management
  • website forms to support ticketing systems
  • creating online forums for communicating with customers better
  • setting up online resource repositories

You can refer the WordPress T-shirt solution from the Netbase team, a theme was designed with full features mentioned in the checklist above.

4. Finding a new source of revenue to diversify the income stream

Never put all your eggs in a basket, that is absolutely true. When you diversify the source of revenue, you can reduce the risk for your business as well. This mission is so easy to be taken, you can find new revenue streams through:

  • online stores selling product or package
  • content marketing
  • online donation systems for special programs
  • automatic advertising systems to gain revenue through the website
  • A special group of members or members and guest can access to certain areas of the site.

These four main points above are all about how the design will solve the problems on your site. Good luck with your sale and hope you find it useful!

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