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Make a breakthrough with Personalized Products


Not hard to discover the value of letting customers create their own unique products, it has an impact on many sectors of business, whether you are selling dress, shirts, handbags or consumer packaged goods. According to the report from Bain, retailers like to use big data to present a personalized set of products to their customers, and this is how Amazon found success. Now, many businesses are discovering that they can elevate customer loyalty and engagement by offering the customized products.

The personalized products can help businesses boost their sales or gain share on a retailer’s site. For example, Pepperidge Farm allows their customers to design Goldfish crackers, and Jawbone customers are able to create their own Jambox speakers. Trek customers can build a bike from the ground up, and customers can create/design their own suits at Brooks Brothers.

A survey was conducted by Bain shows that in total of 1000 online shoppers, there are less than 10% of which have tried customization options and 25% to 30% are interested with that. If 25% of online sales of footwear came from customized products, it would equate to a market of $2 billion per year.

Beside the pure size of the opportunity from personalized products market, a survey shows that by allowing customers to customize product online, there are more customers who engaged with the company. Those customers visited company’s website more frequently and stayed on the page longer and were more loyal to the brand.

Moreover, customization helps companies stand out from the crowd and makes their products different from those of their competitors. It’s very important because today customers can easily compare the prices, the features of products on Internet.

The styles and trends now change faster than ever, customization helps businesses gain insights from customized designs and fine-tune products to always keep update with the trends. The customized products can help companies always grasp the habits and preferences of consumers, to know what customers expect. In fact, Brooks Brothers grabs the inspiration that they have learned from their customers in one season and use it for their next season’s product line.

With the big opportunities from personalized products, why you shouldn’t ignore?

With many advantages and opportunities that personalized products can bring to your business, you can make a breakthrough in sales by enabling customers to design their own products. There are more and more people like to buy customized product, so offering a tool that allows customers can design a product online and directly on your site will be a great idea.

Today, I will introduce to you a product that can help you to build an online product designer tool for your site. It called Magento Online Product Designer Extension; this extension is the powerful tool for customizing T-shirt, Business cards, Smartphone and Tablet cases, Pillows or many types of product. Now you can integrate a design tool into your Magento store with few simple steps within 10 minutes:

  1. Install package tgz and zip like as our user guide.
  2. Intergrate online design extension for products you want 
    Go to Catalog -> Manager Product -> Choose a product you want to intergrate online design extension-> Select Yes for product design
  3. Config extension 
    Option 1: Go to Productdesign -> Configuration -> you config as you want.
    Option 2: Go to System -> Configuration -> CMSMART EXTENSION -> Product Design -> you config as you want.
  4. Add color, art and art categories
    Add color, go to Product design -> Manage Colors -> Add Color -> Save Color.
    Add art, you go to Productdesign -> Manage Arts -> Add Art -> Save item.
    Add art categories, go to Productdesign -> Manage Art Categories -> Add Category -> Save Item.
  5. Manage Product design.
    To view all your customer products, you go to Productdesign -> Manage Designs Customer -> Click on View to see each design.

This extension also comes with many outstanding features, you can find more information about this product or you can try demo and create your product with this tool by visiting the links below:


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