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Mobile and a huge impact to business today!


Nowadays, amount of people who have mobile and using it regularly is increasing day by day. The number of UK mobile subscriptions at the end of 2013 was 83.1 million, against a population at the time of around 64 million. However, marketing optimized for mobile phone is still has not been properly concerned.

The wide number of mobile users is just one reason why we should make more room for mobile in our marketing strategies. There are many other convincing reasons explain why mobile marketing is an essential weapon for every businesses. To learn more about that, please read this article.

Google Emphasizes Mobile’s Importance

On April 21st 2015, Google announced their new algorithm update (as known as “Mobilegeddon”), according to this new update, the websites which optimized for mobile will get better visibility in search queries. Through this new algorithm update, Google seems to have recognized the importance of mobile devices in modern life. Google is the biggest search engine in the world, the importance of Google for business, especially for ecommerce is absolutely huge. Fitting in with Google’s best practice advice is a golden key to successful.

The Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

A normal website design usually optimized to display well on desktops and if you visit these sites with your mobile device, you will have a horrible experience. Therefore, there is a solution appears to help you create a website which can be displayed well on any device, for both desktop and mobile device. This is responsive design. With responsive design, your site will automatically fit with the different screen resolutions which you use to browse and bring the good user experience.

The difference that a responsive website can make for a business is incredible. There is a case study which crunched the numbers both before and after a specialist recruitment website upgraded to a responsive design, found that desktop-only websites performed considerably worse than their reactive counterparts. And no surprise when the desktop-only site received 98% fewer visits from mobile devices, and the conversions rates is 0. The website with responsive design increased enquires by 375%, visitor numbers by 43% and search visibility by 256 percent!

Mobile Marketing Reaches a Wide, Receptive Audience, In an Effective Way

When consumers researching products, seems that the consumers who use mobile tend to convert much faster than those conducted from a computer. In fact, according to mobile industry insight provided by Textlocal, the average time for consumers who use mobile take to change their status from “search” to “purchased” is 1 hour, and the time for computer user is 1 month. It’s a huge difference here.

In another part, there are many persons who use their mobile average 14 hours per day and 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shopping online. Other statistics showed an importance of mobile marketing that the superb open rates of SMS is near 99%, and with email is just 19.7% open rates. So, mobile marketing is trend that businesses shouldn’t ignore.

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