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Multiple Banner Slideshow With Multiple Effects


​Advanced banner slideshow along with bx sliders, camera sliders and modern sliders. You can select any one of the sliders as per you requirement. There are multiple configurations you can set from admin-side.
You can call individual banner sliders. You can call banner in any of the cms page. For this you need to only put this code.

{{block type=”bannerresponsive/bannerresponsive” name=”bannerresponsive” template=”bannerresponsive/bannerresponsive.phtml” }}


If you want to call individual banner type sliders then –

(1) For camera silders:
{{block type=”bannerresponsive/bannerresponsive” name=”bannerresponsivecamera” template=”bannerresponsive/bannerresponsivecamera.phtml” }}

(2) For modern sliders
{{block type=”bannerresponsive/bannerresponsive” name=”bannerresponsivemodernslider” template=”bannerresponsive/bannerresponsivetypmodern.phtml” }}

Info: http://bloorum.com/threads/multiple-banner-slideshow-with-multiple-effects.1787/

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