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Owning a Mobile-friendly website, Why and How?


If we compare the world population and the number of active mobile devices all over the world, you think what will be larger? What will be the winner? The answer revealed in recent study is the number of active mobile devices, surprised? It can be said that no technology devices can affect our life as strongly as mobile. From the explosion of mobile usage, the big Google has changed algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites and even when your sites always perform well in search, you may still be felt off because of not having mobile-friendly interface. After about four years, not a long time but the growth rate of mobile usage is nearly 400% with roughly 20% is the people in the age of 18-34. From the data collected, 67% of people asked agreed that they tend to purchase product if that site is mobile-friendly and 61% added that they will immediately leave if that mobile experience is negative. Converting from visitors to customers depends mostly on mobile experience is positive or not.

Nowadays, providing a professional and user-friendly website is never enough, your sites also should be looked good in the wide range of mobile devices. Therefore, in this article, the guide to make your site become more mobile-friendly as well as help you catch up with the global trend.

Mobile-Friendly Site, how?

In short, we can understand that mobile-friendly site is the site designed to displayed well on hand-held devices such as Smartphone or tablet.  There are two choices for you when deciding to design a mobile-friendly website are responsive and adaptive.


Let’s compare two solutions:

Responsive is designing your site to respond to any devices and sizes of the screen it’s being viewed on. Have you ever taken the corner of your Internet browser and dragged in it and made it smaller? You will see the change. That’s the most typical example for responsive.

On the other hand, adaptive website is creating different website designs for different types of devices. Your adaptive website will identify what types of user’s devices belong to and then adjust to provide the best experience.  Generally, adaptive is more complicated than responsive, so its cost is also more expensive as the result. However, every user all agree the ability to offer the optimal experience with the optimal design for each device.

How to start?

Designing websites on your own

To deal every by yourself, knowledge about coding is needed. But in case you desire to pick up a new skill, there still is CodeAcademy offering free coding classes online.

Creating Mobile-Friendly Site with Template

Buying a responsive theme or taking advantages of a website design platform is a great and cost-effective way to own a mobile-friendly site without coding or taking much time. You can visit Cmsmart and choose among hundreds themes to support your business such as Magento Printing Website Theme, Magento Responsive Admin template, Sport Store Magento Theme, etc. .Besides that, you can use a website design platform like Wix or Squarespace and you no need to familiar with a CMS.

Hiring a Developer

The final solution for you is working with a real developer. We say it is the final choice because it may be the most expensive solution of all solutions mentioned in this article, maybe hundreds or thousands dollars but its merit is personalization. You can start by asking your friends. You might test out a freelancer with a smaller, lower paid job first to see if they can follow instructions and then deliver an agreed-upon project before entering into a larger transaction.

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