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Why people refuse to innovate technology?

people refuse to innovate technology

Do you think that making changes is an easy task? Have you ever changed anything in your life without any consideration? Of course, there will be people who say yes, but we are sure that a lot of people will say no. Why? Because not all people are a risk taker and in our lives, the theory higher risk, the higher return is not always true. Technology is not exceptional for this case.

When they hire new employees, they usually stick to a certain process to train. Generally, the available process is good because it contains the basic criteria for training but, there are both sides for everything, in some case, that process will be the reason preventing technology companies from reaching the higher level of advancement. So, in this article, we will list four main reasons why you still refuse to innovate your technology and how can you cope with them:

1. Routine


We cannot deny the importance of routine, but while tech life changes day by day, the routine which we usually write on paper and sticks to employees cannot update day by day because a lot of business owners, managers feel that the change is not necessary or shy away from change. But what they may not realize is that the right IT partner will not only help you document processes but also help you get your employees up to speed once the changes are implemented. Keep in mind that routine is needed but let’s compare the opportunity cost if you throw the old away and come to efficiency and innovation.

2. Complacency

If your business is successful, that you are complacent about it is not too strange. And if you succeed with the present process, there is no reason for you to make any changes immediately. But, in the information technology industry, there is nothing can last in a long time, if you still keep complacent about your success, the chance you fall behind and lose your most technology savvy customers is really high. Customers are always on the way to find better technology companies, they desire the brand new, they desire innovative. So, it is not the time for you to rest on your laurels.

3. Fear

The sign of fear is when you ask the question “what if” continuously. Although in the past, you had carried out incredible plans for your business, in present, that you are afraid of the obstacles you may cope with is also normal. But, hold on, let’s make a comparison between two things, one is switching over to the cloud, adopting new security policies and software and the other is becoming obsolete when your customers decide to move to your competition one by one. We are sure that you had the answer for yourself.

4. Money

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With businessmen, money is never enough; it is the motivation, the reason why people run a business. But, there are some people who consider money as the reason against technology innovation because they just see a small part of the picture instead of seeing it as the whole. Always have your IT partner give you the business impact analysis of any technology project that you’re considering. You can almost always bet that the technology is going to save you money somewhere along the line.

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