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Premium Magento themes: Responsive T-shirt Printing Website

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If you are a T-shirt business owner, what would you do to attract more customers? You have to know there are a thousand T-shirt shops on any street in the world so what is the thing that changes customer mind to let them looking to you? It must be the uniqueness that makes them different with others.

That was exactly why we created Magento Themes that will be the best choice for your business.It has 3 powerful layouts that can make your site more attractive. Besides, our product is easy to use and convenient for customers who will feel comfortable with your site through many Home page layouts.

Furthermore, Magento Themes supplies some amazing tools that allow customers make a beautiful design by themselves and help them check out with only 1 step.

Let’s find out the reason why Magento Themes will be the best solution for T-shirt business, by listing all amazing functions that Magento Themes can do:

  • Stunning theme. This theme has friendly user-interface so you will increase your customer’s satisfaction
  • Responsive. Our product has 100% responsive for any devices as laptop, tablet, computer or mobile phone.
  • Powerful header and footer. You will have 5 headers and 3 footers to choose for your site.
  • Multi-language and currency. You can change language and currency of your site to suitable with your country where you live.

Moreover, Magento Themes includes many amazing extensions that make your site more powerful and professional such as:

  • Slider revolution. It will attract customers at the first time and affects people to buy products so we can make special effects for our site.
    • Full width, full-screen and auto responsive slider sizes.
    • Unlimited slider per page
    • All sizes possible. It means you have full responsive and revolutionary 4 level advanced sizes.
    • Vertical/Horizontal keyboard actions.
    • Mobile touch enabled.


  • Price Matrix. After purchasing products, customers can see exactly the total amount of money that they have to pay for their products.
    • Users can easily choose the direction for created attributes. On price matrix tab, users can drag and drop attributes in horizontal or vertical direction, after that user can select to show all attributes in the vertical or horizontal group.
    • Show price matrix in product detail. After users are satisfied with price-matrix table in preview-matrix, they will show it in product detail on front-end. It is easy for buyers to view and choose the price of each product in price-matrix table.
    • Cross-browser support. This extension works great with all modern browsers such chrome, safari, opera, Firefox and I.E 9+.
    • Shopping cart. After choosing products, customers press “Add to cart” button then products will go to the shopping cart with exactly detail information.
  • One Step Checkout. It is the most important extension for any shopping online website. It helps customers reduce time in the checkout with only 1 step.
    • Apply discounts. It gives customers a possibility to enter a coupon code on the checkout page to get the discount.
    • Delivery time. Customers can select the delivery date and time to receive goods with just some easy manipulations.
    • Gift options support. It supports native Magento gift options, so your client can leave a gift message for the entire order or every product individually
    • Configure delivery time function. Admin not only can enable or disable delivery-time function but also can block weekend.
  • Upload Multi-file at the same time. It helps you upload multiple files by using Ajax without refreshing pages.
    • Delete/cancel files during the upload process. Through upload process, shoppers not only can delete any files uploaded with just one click but also can add comments into the standard Magento order comment. After uploading complete, images files will automatically minimize. Besides, shoppers do not have to log in to upload files,
    • Displaying uploaded files in the confirmed order email. Files will show in the Magento order confirmation email that sent to clients or admin.
    • Display uploaded files on the checkout page. After uploading files, they can add this product to their cart. Customers can upload different files or images into different products and add all to their cart and check out the same times. Uploaded images/files will display on the shopping cart page.
  • Mega Menu. Present all attributes for customers to make sites clearly and professional
    • Optimize options– Admin can arrange anything on the menu with just a few clicks and choose what they want to display.
    • 4 statistic blogs on menu are not only showing images but also arrange information clear and neat
    • Product on menu – with this feature you can show any distinctive things like big sale, hot trend or latest products on menu
    • MenuCustomizations – You can show category/sub- categories or your statistic blog on menu as you wish
    • Custom block – You can select block’s position. It can be on top, left, right or bottom you also can set block width on left or right side. Then option to show or hide blocks
  • Ajax Search. This extension helps customers to search name, attribute of product through tool search of their site.
  • Ajax Cart Pro. Customers can add any product to their cart with a single click.


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