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Pros and cons of applying infinite scrolling

Pros and cons of applying infinite scrolling

What is Infinite Scrolling?

First of all, before analyzing the merits and demerits of Infinite Scrolling, it is crucial to understand through what it is because some people still get confused between infinite scrolling from parallax scrolling.

Parallax scrolling is known as a popular design technique and it creates the illusion of depth base on the different speeds of moving of the background and foreground images. You usually see this technique in one-page websites when it creates a feeling of having many pages or screens for different bits of content.

Infinite Scrolling is also another popular design technique but it keeps the content continues to be at the bottom of the screen at any time users scrolls down the page. The most interesting thing is the endless stream of content (no ending point), whenever you scroll down, the content will continue to grow. Do you want an example? Let’s see the Facebook timeline.

Firstly, we look deeply into the advantages when applying Infinite Scrolling for your one-page websites

1. Retaining Users

This feature is really useful for the business owners who usually update the content or lists of websites; therefore, they are able to hold on to users for longer periods of time than usual. That content comes out continuously means that designers get a variety of content in front of users and users can find the information that any other ways cannot find

2. Great for Mobile and Touch

Nowadays, more than half of web visitors use smart devices, especially mobile. Infinite Scrolling is designed to make mobile for scrolling, which is also the expectation of all mobile users. Moreover, users are also surprised when observing this technique working with touch as well. Each of the boxes of content that pop up is designed in such a manner that allows each a unique element that is each to tap or click for more detail.

3. Made for Visuals

Infinite scrolling is made for visual websites. Do you know Pinterest in displaying images? That’s how it works! Regardless of how many images, any sizes or shapes of images, they are all acceptable. To give more attractiveness, web designers can combine text, color or UI tools with visual to make an impression with visitors. In general, a website applying Infinite Scrolling can have highly visual content.

4. Making Browsing Easy

There is no reason for visitors complaining about how to scroll in your websites because Infinite Scrolling is the simplest, no need instructions, just scroll down and content appears.

4. Opening the Door to Creativity

This technique is the fertile ground for sowing seeds of creativity. You can freely present information and tell stories in your own ways.

Although appearing as the wonderful technique but there are both sites to everything and Infinite Scrolling is not an exception, it still has some disadvantages in using:

5. Losing Footer Information

One of the most serious problems when using Infinite Scrolling is the lack of footers that users love and understand. Generally, designers and developers always assume that footer will appear at the end and usually come with contact, social media information, privacy, security notices, copyright, and other information.

To deal with this problem, the given solution is Sticky footers but before deciding to use, you should ponder upon your website vitals can be found or not

6. Tracking Analytics is Tougher

There are several major challenges with Infinite Scrolling in terms of analytics and SEO. A line of Google Analytics code may not enough with your requirement about entire information and it is necessary to apply some third-party tools.

7. Load Time and Crash Concerns

Everyone knows that “Time is money” but Infinite Scrolling has some problems with time. In this case, sometimes, this technique gets stuck and be slow and only stops working when users do scroll indefinitely. This fact may lead to the thinking that an infinite scroll doesn’t really have to be infinite as its name. it may be really really long but still has an ending point.

8. Same Old Design

Another challenge when using Infinite Scrolling is multiple sites using this technique look alike (like a Pinterest-wannabe).

Be alike with the crowd cannot create competitive advantages for you in the market.

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