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Responsive Magento Admin Theme by CMSMART


If you are an ecommerce website owner or an administrator, you will definitely understand the importance of Admin Panel in the task of managing and operating website and business as well. Everyday, know need to know many information such as orders, revenues, number of new customers, etc… and you have to analyze these informations in order to make the appropriate business strategies.

So, the problem is sometime the default Admin Panel of web platform like Magento may not meet your needs while you managing your site. With default Admin Panel of Magento, when you are searching for an option or some information, it may takes a lot of time or you need to do many steps, sometime it’s completely inconvenient. Moreover, the default Magento admin panel isn’t mobile-friendly, if you want to access admin through your mobile devices, you may encounter some problems. Having a good Admin Panel will help you a lot to manage your site.

So, Cmsmart team knowing these demands, that’s why a product that has been created to resolve these issues, it called Responsive Magento Admin Theme.

As its name, this is a product that helps you to replace the default admin panel interface of Magento by a better interface. Especially, this admin theme makes your admin panel become a responsive design that allows you to access and use your admin panel easier directly throught your smartphone or tablet. Now, you can manage your site anywhere and anytime.


If you want to know more about the benefits that Responsive Magento Admin Theme can bring, I’ve listed the most outstanding features of this product:

Main Feature

  • Responsive design: shoppers can use mobile devices to access ecommerce site and make purchases, and the store owners also can use smartphone or tablet to manage their online store. Responsive design will improve experience on mobile device. With this feature, admins can manage their online store by a much better way, they can access admin panel anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to use and customize: this Magento admin theme is very easy to install and set-up. In back-end, admins can choose the color of admin panel; choose the menu type (Horizontal or Vertical). All information is displayed clearly and you can freely to adjust with few clicks.
  • Clean and elegant interface with rich features: this product brings a clean and attractive design to your admin page. It will help you to manage your store with ease and you will not take long to get used to this new interface.
  • Search pro feature: it allows you to search in find what you want in a few seconds. You can search any information in your store quickly; it helps you to improve the work performance a lot.
  • More attractive with CSS3, HTML5 and CHARTJS: the latest technology helps your site work smoothly. The ChartJS brings animated, interactive graphs on admin theme that allows you to monitor your site performance by an attractive way. The live chart which based on JavaScript will present your sales, revenue, number of users, etc… in the main admin page.
  • Translation ready and support RTL (Right-to-Left): this feature will automatically translate content into many populart languages such as English, French, German, Spainish, etc… Moreover, this admin theme is already supported RTL content (for Arabic script).


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