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Responsive Magento Amazon Theme


Amazon is the biggest ecommerce website at the moment. The success of Amazon is the goal of many businesses and Amazon also brings many lessons that online businesses can learn from them. One of the most important things with online businesses is website. Absolutely that many businesses want to create a website like Amazon.com.

Create a website like Amazon’s website may need a huge amount of money, it’s impossible with small/medium companies. But don’t worry, today I will introduce you a solution which can help you to create a powerful ecommerce website in just 15 minutes. That is Responsive Magento Amazon Theme.

Takes inspiration from Amazon website, the cmsmart team has create a theme for Magento platform which focuses on building a powerful ecommerce store easily and quickly. This theme can save a lot of time for store owners and also save tons of money. So, why I said that? Let’s learn about this Magento Amazon theme.

Here are some outstanding things that responsive Magento Amazon theme can bring to your site: 

  • Responsive theme: since the latest update of Amazon theme, this theme is a fully responsive Magento theme. This is an indispensable feature with any websites today, so it will ensure that all your customers will have a great experience no matter they use desktop or mobile devices.
  • A customizable theme: store owners can freely to change information, logo or any info of company; this theme is suitable to create an online store to sell any kind of goods.
  • Unlimited page design: if you sell many types of product, you can create the separately designs for each page, each category. This theme offers unlimited page design for your store.
  • 2 styles for category page: there are 2 different category product pages that store owners can use: Films and Fashion.
  • Optimize speed: speed is very important with all website today. While website speed can impact user experience and your SERP, this theme provides the fastest speed for your site in order to make your customers satisfied and also improve your site rankings.
  • Special mega menu module: menu module was created with a special style which brings convenience for users. The visitors just need to hover over category name and then all sub-categories or products will be displayed immediately.
  • Register and login popup: with Ajax technology, customers can easily to login or sign-up a new account with a popup without need to go to register page. So, it will save time for customers.
  • Ajax search module: in an online store with hundreds or thoudsands products, search function is extremely important. The Ajax search module which installed in this theme will bring a powerful search function for your store.
  • Ajax cart module: this module allows customers to add product to cart, update or remove product from cart without re-loading page.
  • Slideshow extension: this will help admin can create a beautiful slideshow with smooth transition which can be chosen to run automatically or manually by button.
  • Customer Wishlists: this allows customers can add product to their wishlist cart and they can easily to comeback and buy products later.
  • Product compare: this is a very interesting feature, as its name, the compare feature is used for make a comparison of products that customers are interesting to. So, customers can easily to make a final decision after see the comparison.
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency: this will help businesses to create an online store which running in international market. This was developed to serve for worldwide consumers.
  • Fully compatible with all browsers: this theme can work perfectly on every web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, etc…


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