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Responsive Magento Jewelry Theme


When fashion industry and related sectors grow dramatically day by day, that a huge amount of shops providing this luxury products appear makes customer bargaining power becomes stronger and stronger. So, how can you overcome it? You wonder how can you attract more potential customers and defeat your rivals? Magento Responsive Jewelry Theme can help you deal with your problems. Our products bring your Jewelry website explicit and professional appearance that can attract visitors at the first sight. It can be adapted for every kind of online shop such as jewelry, beauty products, garments, boutique, shopping mall and any Magento shop.

So, let’s take a look about its feature and benefits:


  • Responsive Layout enables a single front-end to deliver to any smart devices like laptop, smart phones, tablets, etc.
  • Category Grid and List Layout allow users to customize products in their own ways.
  • Mega Menu – Multiple Columns is a perfect tool for designing a horizontal bar and  drop-down menu to arrange a wide range of products
  • Users can provide a lot of information about products to customers thank to Image Slideshow and Transitions Effects
  • Currency Language Converter provides a number of currencies along with its exchange rates updating from Google or Yahoo in automatically system.
  • Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest is a smart device that helps to display suggested products with thumbnails images and their information.
  • Quick login with popup enables product details can be showed on the category page instead of arriving the details page.


  • To get customers’ attention, let’s make your websites become attractive and professional.  This theme helps to highlight the value of your product by allowing you to customize all aspects of your store including custom blocks, color scheme, shopping cart or navigation.
  • Easy for users to add more information, short description or images in each products as well as arrange products in the most convenient ways.
  • Increasing the speed of interaction between customers and website


  • Customers can interact with sellers by any smart devices like smart phone, tablets or laptop
  • Availability of viewing products list and their information
  • Saving a lot of time for searching
  • Changing display styles easily
  • Customers just need to choose currency and website will automatically update and exchange the price
  • The cart automatically update dynamic content without redirecting them to another page


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