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The importance of product photography in eCommerce

We should discuss about product pictures as the most important content in your eCommerce site, or right?  Do not underestimate the significance of product photography because this is one of the most useful tools in selling of your goods. Humans are visual beings, we process information based on what we see. Studies show that individuals remember 80% of what they …

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The Special Present For Online Designer Tool

Dear our beloved customers! A new year always comes with many interesting new business ideas. If you are thinking about starting your own online printing business, a competitive field in eCommerce, remember that to succeed you will need to make sure that your store stands out from the crowd. We would like to recommend our Online Design Plugin which will …

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Happy New Decade! Discount 20%

Dear our beloved customer, 2019 has passed and 2020 comes and we all know that 2020 will be your amazing year. Our CMSmart team wants to thank you for choosing us to be your partner. We know there are a lot of choices for you to choose but you still choose us, we really appreciate that. The best way to …

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5 Tricks To Speed Up Your Magento Website

Talking about eCommerce platform, we can’t deny that Magento is one of the best. Nowadays if you want to create an eCommerce site you will not want to be missing Magento on your platform list. But if you using Magento, does it hard to speed up your website or not? Our answer is NO, it doesn’t hard at all to …

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When you should choose Magento?


When you’re choosing a new cart from a reap LAT form or when you’re starting a new online business. Picking the right cart is extremely important. Obviously it’s costly to re-platform or to build a custom site. So you’re going to be in bed with that platform at least a year, two years, three years,… to makes sense financially to …

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Why Your e-commerce Store Still Lose Money?


Nothing is perfect! In business, it’s definitely right. Whether your business is big or small, successful or not, you’re still losing money every day. However, the importance is you have to spot the problems of your business and fix it, it will help you to minimize losses. This article will bring to you some common problems that often occur with the …

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Responsive Magento Amazon Theme


Amazon is the biggest ecommerce website at the moment. The success of Amazon is the goal of many businesses and Amazon also brings many lessons that online businesses can learn from them. One of the most important things with online businesses is website. Absolutely that many businesses want to create a website like Amazon.com. Create a website like Amazon’s website …

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Five Actionable Tips to Optimize Your E-commerce conversion rates


E-commerce conversion rates – this is an important parameter of all e-commerce stores. In fact, the average online shopping abandonment rate is 69%. It means that 69% of visitors leaving your site without any purchases. How to improve the conversion rates is the common question of every retailer, so this article will give you five actionable tips that can help …

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Make a breakthrough with Personalized Products


Not hard to discover the value of letting customers create their own unique products, it has an impact on many sectors of business, whether you are selling dress, shirts, handbags or consumer packaged goods. According to the report from Bain, retailers like to use big data to present a personalized set of products to their customers, and this is how …

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Nearly half of US small businesses do not have mobile friendly website


Firstly, here are some notable statistics. According to the eMarketer report, only 52% of U.S. small businesses confirmed that their website was mobile optimized. Moreover, the report also shows that only 14% have built mobile-optimized emails and 11% use SMS marketing; it means that 40% of small businesses do not have any of these mobile-friendly marketing activities. A survey from …

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