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Amazing benefits from Magento Mobile Theme

Magento Mobile theme

Nowadays, shopping online is more popular and brings a large sales volume for shop owners.  Anywhere with accessing the internet, we can choose suitable products. We don’t need to go out and spend a lot of time to find items as you like. Furthermore, there are a lot of devices to help you shopping conveniently such as a computer, laptop, …

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Nearly half of US small businesses do not have mobile friendly website


Firstly, here are some notable statistics. According to the eMarketer report, only 52% of U.S. small businesses confirmed that their website was mobile optimized. Moreover, the report also shows that only 14% have built mobile-optimized emails and 11% use SMS marketing; it means that 40% of small businesses do not have any of these mobile-friendly marketing activities. A survey from …

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Do not design for Mobile – Design for Mobility

To capture the current taste and the demands of industry, the simplest way is looking at the device landscape. At this moment, the biggest trend is smartwatches and other connected wearables. If you are the fans of anime, energy meter glass is no longer only in the imagination anymore. The items in the comic can totally come to our real …

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Mobile and a huge impact to business today!

Nowadays, amount of people who have mobile and using it regularly is increasing day by day. The number of UK mobile subscriptions at the end of 2013 was 83.1 million, against a population at the time of around 64 million. However, marketing optimized for mobile phone is still has not been properly concerned. The wide number of mobile users is just one …

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Convert Magento Site to Mobile-friendly & Optimize Conversion Rate


Do you know why April 21, 2015 is called “Judgment Day”? It is considered as the major landmark in searching technology when algorithms will change the display order of search results for users on phones and tablets. This update of tech-giant Google will give priority to mobile-friendly sites and less friendly sites will be pushed down. If you are running …

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The Impact of Mobile Friendliness to SEO Rankings


There is a common understanding that the correlation between high ranking and mobile friendliness may not cause the same results with all users and people working in SEO sector, they can experience this fact thoroughly. However, just imagine that what will happen if we evaluating the correlation of ranking high with a factor that Google told us does indeed influence …

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Magento Responsive Theme or Magento Mobile Theme ?

Today, using mobile devices for web browsing as well as for shopping online is a very popular thing. So there are many companies that own the Magento ecommerce website want their sites to work well with clients’ access using mobile devices. Normally, we have two ways to do this: Using Magento responsive themes Using a Magento mobile app extension to …

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Magento Mobile Theme: A perfect solution for Magento store


Right today, the smartphone is a device that is very familiar to everyone. Because of the popularity of mobile devices, so people are changing a lot of habits. Nowaday, we use smartphones for many different needs of life. With a mobile device, we can make a call, entertainment, surfing internet or even we can shopping online right on a smartphone, …

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Catch up Mobile eCommerce trend with Magento Mobile Theme


Magento Mobile Theme has many features for your satisfaction. These features are divided in category of main and hot features. Main Features of Magento Mobile Theme Fully Responsive Layout: Magento mobile theme has fully responsive layout. Basically, it means that the design adapts to different browser sizes.so that instead of needing a separate mobile site or mobile plugin, the content will be …

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Megashop Responsive Magento Themes for Multi-Purpose SM Saphi Cmsmart

If you need high-quality theme, SM Saphi & Cmsmart are excellent choices! Responsive Multi-Purpose eCommerce themes with built-in Blog, powerful admin panel and 5 color presets. According to the current web trends, SM Saphi & Cmsmart have up-to-date designs with clean flat design, neat typography, smooth navigation and well-structured layout. In order to make your products more outstanding as well as …

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