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The Best Platform for eCommerce Website

Starting an online store was never as easy in the past. However, with so many different platforms that are made so massively available, the excuse of being unable to go about doing it pretty much no longer exists. But before we delve into the actual hunt for the Best Platform for  eCommerce Website, let’s establish the two different options that we have and what are the best options for each one.

Hosted platforms

It’s without a doubt that Shopify has certainly made a name for itself in the eCommerce industry. A vast majority of eCommerce websites are now leveraging on Shopify’s simplified functionalities. But of course, there are certain downsides to using it in terms of customization options and price. Shopify doesn’t allow you the option of customizing your checkout page. So if your online business revolves immensely around having a checkout page that’s specifically tailored to your wants and needs, you may want to stray away from Shopify. Also, the price tag that’s attached to it isn’t the most attractive either. At $29 a month, Shopify finds its place as one of the more expensive eCommerce solutions that are available on the market.shopify-can-be-the-best-platform-for-ecommerce-website

At $29 a month, Shopify can be the Best Platform for eCommerce Website ?

Self-hosted platforms

The realm of self-hosted platform for eCommerce website may be something that’s hard to wrap your head around. But if you’re dedicated enough, you’ll soon find that it isn’t as complex as people make it out to be. Magento is easily the most popular self-hosted platform out there, and for great reason as well. The options of customization that you’re presented with are practically endless. Accompanied by the right set of tools and the necessary knowledge, you can churn our and design the most attractive looking pages and make everything exactly look the way you want it to.


Magento and VirtueMart are smart choices for eCommerce Websites ?

But of course, no one really has time for all of that. This is exactly why there are Magento themes that are made readily available to you, to make your eCommerce experience more convenient than ever. CMSmart.net is one such example. Their services provide you with an endless list of alluring and attractive Magento themes for you to choose from. On top of that, you also have access to Virtuemart templates, and even extensions on both platforms. If you’re looking to self-host an eCommerce website, you’ll definitely want to check out what CMSmart.net is capable of doing for you. It’ll save you a whole lot of time, and it takes pretty much all the guess work out of the equation.

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