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The Impact of Mobile Friendliness to SEO Rankings


There is a common understanding that the correlation between high ranking and mobile friendliness may not cause the same results with all users and people working in SEO sector, they can experience this fact thoroughly. However, just imagine that what will happen if we evaluating the correlation of ranking high with a factor that Google told us does indeed influence rankings? In my point of view, this fact will provide more reliable clue for proving correlation study.

The recent study of Mooveb is an outstanding paper that contributes a lot of information on extreme correlation between mobile friendliness and high structured rankings on Google.

This paper is carried out with 1,000 e Commerce keywords across different industries over a long period of time. They found out and analyzed these data carefully and the result is a graph of which this one is the most shocking:

From the bar chart, just by a look, you can see very clearly a correlation. In general, Mobile friendly websites almost stand in higher point and as the SERP position declines and it occurs the same with the percentage of eCommerce websites that are mobile friendly that dominate those spots.

You may think that it is not really a serious problem because this correlation is not noticeable, it is suggested that you still should do your best to make your website mobile friendly. Not only the world of SEO but also others should consider this huge usability issue.

So what can I do to make my eCommerce website mobile friendly?

We have ever mentioned some suggestion to create a friendly website mobile as well as the pros and cons of those approaches before.

In short, when working with eCommerce websites, we highly advocate using responsive website design. Magento is a typical recommendation for responsive theme with totally customizable and you have no difficulties to modify.

I pass Google’s mobile friendly test so I’m mobile friendly right?

The answer for this question is “Not really”. Even with the smart device like Google’s mobile friendly test can make some mistakes when they look at a certain set of “features” that makes a website mobile friendly in a very technical way. You may pass the test of a machine but it does not mean that your website is really friendly enough to satisfy users. Some problems cannot be made out by this test such as the speed of loading or responsive on every smart device.

The test is also unable to check whether all of the navigation options are available for users or your site search works properly for your mobile users.

The question is how can you comprehend if you’re truly offering a great mobile experience to your visitors? This process can be totally done by your own under the circumstance that you understand exactly what you are doing and if you need a fresh set of eyes to go through it, you ask for an audit.

The audit will provide you some suggestions to deal with your problems such as in case you wonder how to improve your user’s experience (both mobile and desktop), an SEO audit is an ideal hint for you.


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