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The Importance Of Email Marketing For E-Commerce

People who believe that dealing with an online store is a simple process may not focus on to this post. However, there are numerous business people who run e-commerce businesses and can confirm that sometimes it is a real challenge. 

If you are in a place with this gathering of individuals or simply need to realize how to improve online store the board and business results utilizing one of the most impressive internet business channels, you are in the opportune spot. This post is about the intensity of email showcasing and brilliant devices, which will be certainly helpful in 2020.

Running an online store means inventory, accounting, sales, marketing, customer support, and other essential processes. Additionally, store owners ought to always find time to evolve the email marketing methodology. The well-configured email marketing campaigns will assist to catchingstore visitors and turn them into customers with a long lifetime value. 

These campaigns can be customized and automated to be sent at a particular time. Luckily, there are many powerful email marketing Magento 2 solutions to do it professionally and highly effective.

Let’s dive into the best e-commerce email marketing practices that will help in acquiring new clients and turning existing shoppers into ardent fans.

9 Steps To Improve Email Marketing In E-Commerce

1. Start With Emails’ Content And Design

All e-marketing messages ought to be well-designed and responsive. You don’thave to fill up every email with brilliant images, GIFs or appealing buttons. Text-only messages can also perform truly well if they’re interesting. Just make sure you follow the basic rules:

  • Make your emails visually appealing and simple to read;
  • Make them look great on mobile;
  • Remember about source of inspiration; 
  • Do not forget about call-to-action;
  • Capture the reader’s interest to sell.

2. Create An Outstanding Welcome Email

A Welcome email makes the first introduction. It ought to be irreproachable as your new subscribers will hope to be confirmed that they did right, signing up. Coincidentally, Welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than different emails. 

Do not think that the process of setting Welcome emails is routing and challenging. You may easily automate it with the help of the Follow Up Magento 2 extension. The plugin ensures high trust from the first introduction. It will perfectly present your business and attract new customers. 

3. Send Promo Sales Emails

Traditional promo sales campaigns are meant to attract all supporters. Occasional and situational deals email marketing campaigns effectively get the consideration of people who haven’t yet taken the step from guests to shoppers. Such popular events and holidays as Cyber Monday or Black Friday, Halloween eve or Christmas are extraordinary periods to realize your email marketing Magento 2 masterpieces.  

If you’re not already taking advantage of Magento 2 Email Marketing Suite by Aitoc, the opportunity has already come and gone to look at them and make your car promotion deals crusades upscale and serious.

4. Personalize Emails To Target Segments

E-commerce businesses may often focus on more than one target audience. If you want to reach several segments but understand that it is impossible with a single message, you should definitely turn to personalization. Sending emails with customized content is a great way to keep your shoppers glad and motivate them to purchase. Start with segmenting age, education, gender, income, and other parameters to identify if it really matters for the products you’re offering. 

The robust Magento 2 Email extension offers advanced functionality to remind customers about your store, for example, with the help of “We miss you” emails where you can offer gifts, discounts, and other pleasant deals.

5. Make Sure Shoppers Like Your Product

Experienced store owners know how it is imperative to appreciate relationships with clients even after the sale. 

You don’t have to find continents – use convenient Post Purchase Emails for Magento 2 to thank purchasers for their purchases. Ensure  they are satisfied, offer more relevant products and share useful links and item documentation

6. Delight Loyal Сustomers With Exclusive Discounts

Every merchant needs customers to return to the store repeatedly. Repeat customers ‘feed’ e-commerce business and help it develop. For this situation, making a special loyalty union for the best shoppers is the easiest way to stimulate loyal following.

Multifunctional email marketing Magento 2 tools and powerful extensions can help you find and work with the correct segments to target. For instance, with the assistance of the User Birthday extension for Magento 2 you can greet your customers on their birthdays and give them special birthday deals and discounts.

7. Send Emails For Abandoned Users

All store owners always keep in mind the overwhelming fact about 75% of shoppers that relinquish their trucks. However, the hopeful part of merchants understands that it doesn’t imply that those deals are gone until the end of time. 

You probably have email locations of customers, so you may send relinquished cart emails for the shoppers who left without finishing their purchases. Find the chances of the convenient Magento 2 Abandoned Cart module that will assist you with designing email promoting and make a triumphant deserted truck methodology. Return guests to abandoned carts and boost conversion by emailing great time-limited offers.

8. Ask For Reviews

Drawn in and steadfast clients, who are purchasing from your online store and tapping on your messages, can assist you with topping off the audit base. Try not to stop for a second to contact them and request a survey. 

The Magento 2 Follow Up expansion assists with expanding the quantity of client audits to improve your store believability. You can naturally send audit update messages a few days after request situation.

9. Extend Email List 

Getting new endorsers and keep fabricating your email list is a perpetual goal as each and every year this rundown essentially decays. 

There are different ways however discovering new clients during checkout is one of the best ones. The stretch of time when clients ride the high of their choice to purchase is the best time frame to request that they buy in.

Summing Up

The list of suсh steps can certainly be supplemented by other points. But even these 9 steps are enough to understand how challenging email marketing can be.

Do not give up and try new reliable and profitable methods of email marketing, powerful tools and extensions that will make your e-commerce business better. At CMSmart, we serve many full Solutions for  Magento Extensions. So if you ever decide to perform an accurate and swift migration to Magento, CMSmart is at your service!

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