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The importance of product photography in eCommerce

We should discuss about product pictures as the most important content in your eCommerce site, or right? 

Do not underestimate the significance of product photography because this is one of the most useful tools in selling of your goods. Humans are visual beings, we process information based on what we see. Studies show that individuals remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. You can see this article and know more the importance of pictures:  Improve Your eCommerce Website

According to a research from ViSenze, 62% of of age Z and Millennial purchasers want visual search capabilities. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann says: “The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords”.  Instead of searching for words, users can drag or snap a photo of clothes, furniture or home decor, etc, without having to describe what they are looking for in a search box with Google Lens.

Talking about your visual, the most important thing are the images of your products. Good images can increase your sales. There are some basic tips for your product photography should use

Minimalism and simplicity is the key.

Your product ought to be in focus. Try not to put too many visual elements in one photograph, just one fundamental, which is your product. The background should be solid, white, dim, or light hued. You ought to light up the background and remove any shadows, but don’t edit the photos too much, products have to look the same as they are in reality.

In fact, according to a Weebly research, 22% of online product returns are because the ordered items look different than in the photos. Also, minimize the elements on your site that can catch your shoppers’  away from your product images. 

Consider alternative views of the product you sell.

The more visual data a potential client has, the more the person is eager to get it. Google suggests that back perspectives and close-ups can be utilized for extra pictures, yet not the principle picture, additionally the item should take no under 75%, yet not over 90% of the full picture. 

As per concentrates by Shopify about online buyer inclinations, simply 0.52% need to see a solitary item photograph, 33.16% like to see different photographs and about 60% lean toward pictures that will empower them to have a 360º vision of the item.

Invest in a good photography service and even better photos.

Excellent photographs of items indicating clients that you are not kidding in your business furnishes them with greater security. In any case, incredible item photographs don’t mean anything on the off chance that they set aside a lot of effort to stack, all things considered your bob rate would be off the diagrams. Be cautious about pictures size, if a client needs to trust that over 2 seconds will stack a photograph you will lose your game. 

In the event that you feel that recruiting an expert picture taker is excessively costly, you are going off course (causing botched selling chances), this can really set aside you cash over the long haul. Ensure the pictures are obscure, commotion and pixelation free.

Consistency is the key.

Plan in detail what each set of photographs ought to resemble, from the foundation to the lighting, altering and the making of an exceptional layout. Each item ought to be captured similarly and conditions. At the point when all item photographs are comparable, a client can without much of a stretch sweep through your pages and choose the item they are searching for.

Have unique images.

To appropriately rank and enhance pictures for site deals, the photographs that you have in your internet business store should be unique. On the off chance that a webpage highlights predictable photographs of items, clients could wind up on various sites that include similar items, with no distinction between them. At the point when vendors make novel pictures, they separate themselves from others. 

As an ideal case of a webshop that has ideal item photographs (as per the guidelines referenced above), we pick ASOS (As Seen on Screen). ASOS is a substance substantial site that utilizes photography from numerous points of view. Arriving on the landing page, you can’t see fundamental item photographs, however assortment photoshoots, which are introduced in a more imaginative way. ASOS likewise adds item recordings, where customers can outwardly encounter the items in a superior manner, which expands their deals.

And what about you?

How many times have you bought something online because of good looking product photos? What are some of your other decision-making reasons while you shop online?

Let us know in the comments below!

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