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What are the pros and cons of personalization in web design

In short, website design personalization is an extension of personalized marketing including marketing strategies and recommendations for each user. Generally, personalization experience is carried out by combining data collection and analysis, automation, and even algorithms. The final purpose is to make customers feel like this website is designed just for them. It might be an effective leverage tool for conversion rate but also might be a major undertaking to design and implement. In this post, we will analyze the merits and demerits of web personalization as follow:

What are the pros and cons of personalization in web design


  • Give users personal experience

Among multiple choices available on the market, this kind of experience will differentiate your website from the crowd and hook a user for the long term. How would personal experience be? It includes using a customer’s name, making recommendations, suggesting new products or services or even allowing a user to dictate the way a website looks, such as changing a background image or font size.

  • Offer better customer service

When customers highly appreciate your website, it also means that your customer service is good. Web personalization brings a close feeling for your visitors, it’s like you’ve already known them.

  • Create consistency

A personalized website experience creates consistency across devices. Regardless of the devices customers use: mobile, desktop or tablet, the look, and feel of the content are still the same. This creates a distinct appeal for users that don’t want to be distracted by having to learn the same thing over and over again.


  • You Don’t Always Get It Right

When you call customers by a wrong name offer a suggestion that offends their sensibilities, you might hurt their feeling and as a result, you lose them permanently. Working with online data and algorithms can be a pretty tricky business.

  • Get expensive fast

It will charge you a quite expensive cost, which is an undeniable fact. What you have to do is collecting and analyzing data, building profiles and personas, developing a user list and base and maintaining a team. You also need a design team that can actually create and develop these experiences for users across platforms. In a nutshell, that will not be an easy and simple process; it will require your time, effort as well as money.

  • Time-consuming

As I said before, that will be a journey and of course, it takes your time. Just think of how much research goes into the concept of personalization before you even sketch out the first wireframe. You can’t finish it just in one or two days. Even when your website has already launched, you still need to keep up with user wants and preferences. Maintaining a set of working personalization also requires revisions, constant updates and plenty of data storage and management, can’t stop the process.


There are both sides for everything and if you have the plan to go with website personalization, let’s make sure to plan it well and devote a team to perform ongoing maintenance and testing so that experiences remain fresh and engaging for users.

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