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5 tips to reduce bounce rate on your web store

5 tips to reduce bounce rate on your web store

Bounce rate is the main factor that hurts directly your conversion rate, sale, and revenue. In short, the bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits where individuals leave a website without going to other pages. Bounce rate = the total number of visits to a page divides the total number of people landing on that page. The bounce rate seems to depend on visitors but in fact, you can manage it. How? Let’s read this article:

1. Speed up loading page

The speed is so important in this fast-paced world and there is no reason for customers to wait for anything when they can get it immediately elsewhere. If your website requires visitors a lot of time for loading, that they come to your competitors’ website will be the inevitable result. In a survey, we found that the time for loading page customers expect is about 2 or 3 seconds. Longer time means cart abandonment. I don’t mean to exaggerate but optimizing the loading time to less than 2 seconds is compulsory or all your effort from the beginning will just like going down the drain.

2. Content readability

Check again and make sure whether you already provided visitors readable and appealing content or not? Even when the content you provide is readable enough, is it really put up properly for readers? Large chunks of text can immediately shoo away visitors from your site. Lousy formatting results in a higher bounce rate and faster exit rate. It will be much clearer if you break the content into smaller paragraphs and bold the main content of each so customers can find what they want rapidly. You can also take advantages of videos, image or heading to catch the attention of customers.

3. Brand Storytelling

People always love to hear stories. It is undeniable that stories have their own appealing and why don’t you use story-telling to bring your brand to life? They are generally only scanning the page the first time they land there to look for something that stands out and attracts them. So, find any ways to attract them, that’s also the way to make them trust you more.

4. Avoid Popup

Popup might appear in a short time but it will annoy users when they are browsing important information despite the fact that popup, in some fields, will improve your conversion rate. So what should we do? Avoid it when it is not required. If you apply popup, let’s use to show information of promotion, coupon code or something bring customers benefits immediately, that’s intelligent.

5. Responsive design

Nowadays, our world is full of mobile phones and smart devices and desktops seem to be forgotten. This makes it crucial for you to either make your website responsive to work on all kinds of screens, or having a special mobile-friendly site that helps mobile users engage with your site easily. I want to emphasize that 95% of users are on mobile, don’t ignore responsive design

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