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Top 20 Free Magento Themes for Online Store


Magento is the most popular open-source for the E-commerce platform. In reality, numerous flexible features of it have fascinated trade businessmen all over the world. With no doubt, Magento gives you the chance to develop your own online shopping store, so attractive templates are always in demand.

Of course, being a beginners you can easily use the Magento templates to create an impressive and an eye-catching foreign trade website and can promote your products or services through the online store. If you don’t have time to design your own theme for your online E-commerce store, you still can download free Magento templates or buy premium templates.

The 20 Free Magento Themes list below can help you out. Most of them are effective Magento templates with user-friendly and stunning features that can promote your online business, and the best is: they’re totally free! These free themes are so the variety of type and definitely suitable for online markets: from clothing and fashion sites… to sports and bags sites, technology or computer sale sites …many more…Some of them are responsive, that mean your website can convert its look as per the mobile device and web browser. After reading my list, I believe that you can choose for yourself the best theme that suit your business model.

1. Close Store Free Magento 1.9 Template

It offers a powerful set of features that add usability and style to any website. Besides, this special theme offers a simple layout with minimal design and a variety of cool effects including parallax scrolling, animated pictures, full-width sliders, and images. Plus, it’s responsive – a must-have feature for any modern website whether it is a news blog or a powerful online shop.

2. Free Magento 1.8 Bootstrap 3.0 Template for Wine Store

The current free template is based on Magento. Wine stores are allowed to be used for educational purposes only.

3. Eros Free And Responsive Magento Template Start To Your Online Store

EROS is best suited for almost every industry, a perfect choice for beginner to start their own online store, starting from jewelry, caramel, fashion and apparel to electronics and lingerie.

4. BlueScale – Free Responsive Magento Template

This one provides you with  Custom Magento menu, quick feedback, aw blog by ahead works, EM quick shop, 3 layouts of home categories, 5 backgrounds and partially responsive layout. It supports all latest browsers.

5. Free Responsive Fashion Magento Theme

Free fashion is a newly designed Magento Theme for clothing, models, and fashion.

6. Jm Trex – Free Responsive Magento Theme For Sports Stores

This responsive theme will highlight the cycle store theme but can be easily adapted to feature any product range. Trex comes in 4 colors: blue, green, yellow and violet are mobile-ready.

7. Free Magento Theme Women Fashion

Women Fashion is a Magento Theme with an elegant design. This Template is perfect for any kind of fashion products.

8. SM Glasses-Free Magento Theme

M Glasses-Free version has released for Magento Community Edition 1.7.x and Responsive layout. SM Glasses-free offers 1 color theme based on Black and White background. This is a great choice for a store that sells products like glasses, watches, jewelry.

9.MA2 Ante – Multi-Purpose Theme

This nice theme is a wise choice for any kind of eCommerce store with modern and clean design. Moreover, it not only introduces many innovative features, but it also offers tons of customizable options, giving you total control over your store’s look and feel.

10. Free Magento Theme Women Jewelry

Jewelry is an elegant Magento Theme with different textures. Perfection perfect for jewelry or fashion products.

11. Electronics Online theme

Electronics Online is a Magento Theme with a clean and technical design. It will suit not only Electronic products but also any other kind of store. Definitely your customers will impress with a big focus on usability and clear structures.

12. mMagezon – Free Amazon Like Magento Theme

“Simple is the best” is pretty right on Magezon. This theme attracts all viewers with its plain but efficiency, focuses on products show and displays functional modules clearly. Customers will visit easily a webshop with a clear layout like this.

13. mEbay basic Magento theme

eBay is a basic Magento theme with a clean look and user-friendly performance. It is promisingly suitable for any kind of Magento web-shop. Plus, it’s completely customizable subpages are included.

14. HM Electronics Theme 4 Colored

With 4 main modern colored skins, HM electronic is ideally suitable for all electronic shops which desire an eligible yet innovative interface.

15. HelloWired

Say Hello to HelloWired, take your store to the next level with this great free and responsive theme. The theme itself has some great features to play around with! It really is perfect for store owners seeking for simplicity, and for those who want a really slick theme to build their new Magento design…

16. HelloSeasonal

HelloSeasonal! Is it for Valentine, Summer or Autumn? HelloSeasonal was dedicated to seasonal schemes. A flexible theme for your customers to enjoy their shopping experience! A real eye-catcher you guys

17. HelloMagento

This free Magento Theme gives you a chance to set up your store in the right and easiest way. Perfect for most types of stores and it is absolutely free!

18. Mobile Shoppe – A Responsive Theme

Mobile Shoppe is a responsive Magento theme with user-friendly navigation. It adjusts its own look on all browsers with any resolution. Works nicely on landscape and portrait view of the iPhone and iPad.

19. GPMD responsive Magento theme

The GPMD responsive Magento theme is a simple fluid base theme that can be easily used as a starting point for your projects. The styling has been kept purposely simple so it’s easy to override.

20. Grayscale Free Magento Template

This theme is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. You can change it as you need but keep the footer link to our site. Nice, minimal Free Magento Template. Beautiful and sleek, it’s the attention to detail that really makes this theme shine. This clean, elegant theme comes in grayscale colors. Suitable for electronic gadgets, jewelry or accessories stores.

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